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By: northgate

There is no lid on the jar and it isn't that tall compared to you. With some effort jumping you are able to grab the lip[ of the jar and pull yourself up. You lower yourself down the other side and drop to the table top below without much effort. You look around the table and see a small one piece stereo unit that is plugged into the wall below. You cautiously lower yourself toward the floor on the electric cord until you are about a foot off the floor where the cord loops back up to the outlet. You hang down from the cord and only need to drop a few inches to the floor.

You look around from your new vantage point of the floor. It is dark but there is enough light for you to maneuver around. You walk past her bed and hear Nadine softly snoring above you and look around. This very feminine decorated apartment at this gigantic size from the floor seems very overwhelming.

You make it to the front door and you can see a light from the hall under the door. You realize you can lie flat and squeeze under the door. It is difficult to do but with some effort you make it. You emerge in a dingy hallway of what is probably a low income apartment complex. Tho door across the hall says 3A on it and you assume she wasn't lying about being a third floor walk up either. You could go back but there was no way to get back on the table and in the jar and you know Nadine will punish you for escaping so you decide to move forward. You see there are four units on this floor with steps down the hall.

Do you attempt to traverse the steps or slide under another apartment door and hope you'l;l find help there?

Your choices:

  1. Slide under a random door
  2. Take the steps down

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