Next Morning with Nadine

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By: northgate

You awake in the morning to light and noise and soon after Nadine comes in and extracted you from the jar setting you down on the counter while she gets herself breakfast. She gives you a couple pieces of cereal to munch on and a tiny cup with milk in it that seems like a bucket to you. You are hungry and eat it all immediately as she also eats and smiles down at you.

"You are so cute", she says, "I could watch you all day." When you finish eating she picks you up and gives you a big wet kiss. "I am so lucky I found you, my little pet. Who knows what could have happened to you in the nasty mall."

"Well for one, I would have gotten back to my girlfriend, Debbie", you tell her, "You could have helped me out back there."

"Now don't pout my little pet", she replies, "Is your girlfriend the same size as you? If so, I'll bring her here to and you can both be my pets."

"No, no", you tells her realizing she isn't the brightest bulb in the pack, "She's normal sized. She was the my ex-girlfriend from when I was normal sized and now she was helping me."

"Ohhh", she says back, "So I guess she's not really your girlfriend now. She was probably going to keep you like a pet too. I can't blame her. After all you are so cute". She follows her statement with another big wet kiss.

"Look I wasn't her pet and I'm not your pet either", you try to explain to her. "I'm a person like you. Stop treating me like a little mice or something."

"Ohh, you're a big man", she says putting you back down on the table. "Maybe you think you could be my boyfriend", she giggles at you.

"Well maybe I'm not big but I could be a boyfriend before I'm a girl's pet.", you tell her hoping she may reconsider her treatment of you and take you back to Debbie.

"Tell you what", she replies, "I'm in between relationships so maybe you can be my little bitty boyfriend. But you'll have to prove yourself to be worthy of me. I'll give you three days to prove yourself. If you pass my tests you can be my new boyfriend but if you fail you'll be my pet and I'll treat you just like the little mouse you are."

This wasn't where you wanted to go but the alternative of being a pet locked up in a cage wasn't appealing either. "OK, I accept your challenge.", you tell her.

"Great!", she says smiling, "Your first challenge will be easy.", she tells you as she picks you up to carry you somewhere. "I like shoes and I have lots of them and they are all over my closet. I'm going out for the day and I want you to prove your dedication to me by cleaning all my dress shoes and arranging all of my shoes nicely in my closet.

You takes you into a small walk-in closet and sets you on the floor where you see a few dozen shoes, sneaks, sandals, flip flops, boots everywhere. She brings you some cleaning supplies, a small bowl of water and rags for the job.

Do you accept her challenge?

Your choices:

  1. Yes
  2. No

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