Backpack Girl Decides to Keep You

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By: northgate

She continues to look at you mulling over her choices and says, "No, I think I'm going to keep you for now." She unzips an empty side pouch on her backpack and shoves you in. She zips it up trapping you inside as she finishes her lunch and shopping.

She takes you out when she gets home and you see that she lives in a small efficiency apartment which is basically one room with a small kitchen behind a half wall and a bathroom. She puts you on the kitchen table and gives you a drink of water in a small plastic cup and a french fry she must have saved from her lunch. You tank her and eat it while she sits at the table and watches you. "Why are you so tiny.? Were you born that way?", she asks.

How many times will you have to answer that question, you think as you respond, "An evil genie shrank me. My name is Joe and I used to be normal sized and live in this town. I finally got to my girlfriend after a lot of trouble and we got separated again and I was so close to getting back to her and you took me away"

She laughs at you. "You have such a squeaky voice and you're so cute. My name is Nadine", she tells you, "and you belong to me now."

"No. I don't belong to you. You need to get me back to my girlfriend Debbie.", you yell at her.

She gives you a poke in the belly with her index finger knocking you down. "You don't give me orders. You belong to me and I'll do whatever I want to you.", she says as she grabs your legs between her fingers and dangles you in front of her face. "See, you're helpless between my fingers. You're too little to be a boyfriend but you'll make a nice pet", she says as she blows her warm breath on you and watches you struggle in her grasp.

She is probably about 5' 9" with shoulder length light brown hair and a pale completion with brown eyes and a cute face and smile. She stands up and continues to carry you upside down into the main room and sits on her bed. She lowers you down into the folds of her blanket and grabs the TV remote that she turns on while glancing down at you as you struggle in the blanket. She is wearing shorts and a tank top and no shoes. She stretches out and you find yourself between her legs with a calf on each side of you as she watches TV.

You aren't comfortable being where you are and start to move to the end of the bed to get some distance from her. But as you get near the end, she spots you and spreads the toes of her foot and grabs you between her first and second toe. She crosses her leg over the other leaving you dangling by her toes in the air over the bed. "Where did you think you were going you naughty boy", she tells you, She gives her foot a little shake and you grab on to her toes afraid you are going to shake loss and fall. She loosens her grip on you and you slide free but are able to tighten your grip on her big toe to keep from falling. Your legs are dangling free as you wrap your arms around her toe to hold on.

"Now give me a kiss and tell me you are sorry", she orders you and you immediately comply kissing her big toe over and over and yelling that you are sorry. She smiles at the control she already has over you and lowers her foot to the bed allowing you to let go and fall back into her blanket. She maneuvers onto all fours and hovers with her face right over you. "Would you like me to give you a kiss back", she asks licking her lips seductively.

"Yes, please", you respond trying to get on her good side and hoping there is some way you can gain some leverage in this situation.

She grabs you up by the legs and rolls back on her back dangling you over her mouth. She purses her lips for a kiss as she brings you closer but at the last second her tongue lashes out and licks you across the face and laughs at your reaction. "You may be small little man but you aren't small enough to slip under my front door and if you could it's a third floor walk in a crappy neighborhood so you aren't going anywhere. You belong to me now and it's just a matter of time for you to accept it. In a few weeks you'll be begging me to kiss my toes, my little pet."

She carries you back into the kitchen and takes down a large mason jar from the shelf and lowers you in. She hold it up to her face and says, "This should keep you for the night until I find something better to keep you." She put the jar on the table and goes back to her TV.

After a couple hours the TV and lights go off and you figure she went to bed. You wonder if everything she told you about the front door, a third floor walk up apartment and the neighborhood was true or was she scaring you in to staying with her. You decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. go to sleep
  2. try to escape

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