Debbie Returns From Work

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By: northgate

You are trapped in Debbie's purse until she gets home and it's already night time. She takes you out and places you on her desk where she gives you a piece of hamburger meat, a french fry broken in half and a medicine cup filled with beer as you dinner. You are starving and quickly start to eat and drink as there is more there than you could possibly eat.

Debbie sits over you and smiles. "You were a good boy. You could have run off or just not tried to find me but you tried and succeeded." She took her index finger and runs it down your back. "Now when you finish I want to hear about your big adventure. Was it hard to get back to me?", she asks.

You tell the story but embellish it to make it sound more dangerous and difficult than it was until about two thirds of the story is your own creations but it doesn't matter as she buys it all and gives you a big hug.

"I love hearing about all the trouble you had to get to me.", she tells you as she carried you over to the bed in her palm. "I would love to do it again but I'm afraid you might not be lucky enough to make it back to me a second time. At least now I know you won't run away from me. You want to be my little pet. No one will be as nice to you as I am. Since you proved yourself, I'm not going to lock you up as long as you keep listening to me. Just don't leave my room. My mom or sister may not be so nice to you", she tells you. She playfully removes your little outfit and then strips herself climbing back in the bed and pulling you close. "Would you like some play time like the old days or would you rather go back in that old birdcage?", she asks you.

You tell her you much rather play and she smiles and pulls you close to her naked breast. You hug her breast and start to kiss her nipple as you recall she liked nipple play when you were normal sized. Your instinct is right as her come up and holds you in place as she rolls over on her back and lets out a soft moan. You keep working on her and your amazed at how big her nipple gets when it is erect from your stimulation. You can barely fit it in your mouth as you suck on it. She starts to shake and you know you are getting to her,. She shifts you to her other breast and you start over continuing to kiss and suck her nipple.

You don't see but her other hand is working her pussy getting it wet and but you become aware as her hand drags you down there to continue your treatment down below. She want you to give her clit the same treatment as you were giving her nipples and you can break free as her hand maneuvers you into place and your forces to get her off.

When she is finally satisfied she pulls you back up and cuddles you against her breast. "Good boy", she says as she shuts off the lamp on her bed stand and goes to sleep with you positioned against her.

The next morning she gets up and leaves you sleeping on the bed as she gets dressed. She goes out and comes back with a breakfast for you and she gives you a pair of doll sized sweat pants and t-shirt that she had bought for you when she left you at the toy store. "I have to go out until dinner time but at least you have something to wear and you can relax in my bed.", she tells you. She drops you on top of the comforter as she gets ready to leave. "Now be a good boy and we can have more fun tonight", she tells you as she leaves.

You going to be alone for hours and you decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. chill out in her room
  2. explore the house

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