Meet the Salesgirl at Victoria's Secret

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By: northgate

The salesgirl from earlier comes back to the counter and is looking over some papers and you yell up to her. She looks around confused and you yell, "Down here on the counter" She looks down and is surprised to see a tiny man in a toga.

"What are you?", she asks, "and what are you doing wearing a toga in a ladies lingerie store?"

"Hi, My name is Joe and I'm Debbie's boyfriend. I'm suppose to meet her here. Can you get her for me?", you ask this giantess. She is tan with shoulder length black hair with big looping curls and green eyes. She is made up well and looks like she could be a model.

She burst out laughing at your answer. "You're Debbie's boyfriend. Ha, you not even as big as my boyfriend's dick. You sure you're not her toy doll? I' didn't think Debbie still played with dolls." She reached out and her long manicured fingernail runs down your body almost to confirm you are real.

You try to step back and away from her hand. "Stop it", you tell her, "please just go get Debbie"

She says, "Debbie is on her dinner break and won't be back for a few minutes." She looks around and sees no one is in the store and then lowers her head so it is right in from of you. "You know it's just you and me here. I could just pick you up and take you home with me and Debbie would never know you were here. I still need a birthday present for my little sister and you'd fit the bill perfectly. She's turning eight and just loves dolls."

"You can't do that", you tell her, "I'm not a toy that you can give away. I'm a person."

"Really", she laughs, "Tell you what give me one good reason why I shouldn't do it and I'll turn you over to Debbie"

"Well", she answer, "It probably isn't a socially good idea to give a male anatomically correct doll to an eight year old much less one that is living being."

"Well that is a good reason but she is advanced for her age and I am pretty cheap with birthday presents so I think you'll be coming home with me tonight." She reached out to grab you in her fist when suddenly a hand comes out from behind you and pushes her back away from you.

You turn and see it is Debbie back from her break. She grabs you up and gives you a big hug. "Ohhh,m my little Joey found his way all the way back to me. You past your test." She carries you in the back room and puts you away in her bag. When we get home I want to hear about your adventure and how you got back to me."

She gives you another big hug and drops you in her bag so she can return to finish her shift. You relax in her purse thinking things will get better from here on.

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