Backpack Girl Takes You to Debbie

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By: northgate

Your new friend says she is going to help you out and slips you in her jacket pocket as she slings her backpack on her shoulder and walks out of the food court hopefully headed to Victoria's Secrets. She keeps her hand in her pocket holding you secure so you don't accidentally fall out and you a bit worried about her intentions.

After a couple minutes her fingers grasp you and withdraw you from her pocket and you see you are indeed in Victoria's Secrets and you breath a sigh of relief as she sets you down at the counter. You look around and there is no one else at the counter but the two of you. "This place sucks", your new friend tells you, "There is no one around to wait on you. Looks like they are all busy."

You wait a few more minutes and she tries to get one of the salesgirls attention but the girl says, "Sorry I'm with another customer. Someone will be with you in a minute."

Your friend is visibly annoyed and says, "Look I need to get out of here or I'll be late. You're here so it should be too hard to find your girlfriend." She turns to leave and you want to yell out for her to wait but you hesitate and she is gone. You look around and you are on top of a glass display case with nowhere to hide. You look around for Debbie but you don't see her either.

Just then someone else approaches the counter and you look up and see it is ...

Your choices:

  1. the salesgirl from a few minutes ago
  2. another customer

Retrieved September 13, 2016