Girl with the Backpack catches you

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By: northgate

The girl with the backpack that you just got a ride from is standing directly over you looking down at you with her sneaker blocking your path. She has her backpack on her shoulder and she is carrying a tray of food so she doesn't have a free hand to grab you and nowhere to put down her tray. She looks around and sees a food court worker sweeping up nearby. "Excuse me", she says, "Can you hold my tray for as minute." The other girl looks confused but complies.

As soon as the girl takes the tray, she reaches down and scoops you up. She deposits you on the tray and takes it back from the worker who is not totally confused. "What's that?", she asked.

"The newest doll from Japan", she tells her as she walks away to a table in the far end of the food court where no one is sitting. She takes a sip of her drink and munches on a french fry while checking you out. You slowly back away to toward the back edge of the tray. "Don't think about running", she growls at you, "Next time I may just step on you and let that geeky girl sweep you up."

"No, I won't run ", you tell her, "I just need to get back to my girlfriend. She's here in the mall working at Victoria's Secret. Her name is Debbie. Will you help me?"

She continues to look at you mulling over her choices and says...

Your choices:

  1. I have a soft spot for little things. I'll help you.
  2. No, I think I like you adorning my backpack better.

Retrieved September 13, 2016