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By: superfan

Yes! Luck is with you, for once. She's turning into the food court area of the mall. So, she must be hungry for something. Sure enough; as soon as she finds a fast-food franchise in her price range, she sets her backpack down on the floor while giving the cashier her order. This, in turn, gives you the opportunity to climb out and slide down!

As soon as you are on solid ground, once more, you slide along the wall until you reach a trash barrel parallel to an empty dining table. You look left and right. Then, you begin to run towards the underside of the table. Just as you are finally about to reach safety, however, a white sneaker with a pink stripe blocks your way!

You look up (after landing flat on your butt), and see that the sneaker belongs to...

Your choices:

  1. ...the girl with the backpack (who was not so unaware of you, after all).
  2. ...a teenage female employee of the food court.

Retrieved September 13, 2016