Hitch a Ride Out of the Toy Store

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By: northgate

You run for the backpack and make it. You pull yourself up onto the clip and position your feet in it while you hug the strap that it is attached to. A moment later you are lifted in the air and start moving as the girl has finished and is leaving the store with the backpack slung over her shoulder. You immediately realize your mistake as you are too high off the ground to jump off and she is moving too fast.

You breathe a sigh of relief when she exits the store and turns left taking you in the right direction. What are the chances she'll go right to Victoria's Secrets you hope as she continues walking. You think you might make it but she slows down and you see she is entering ...

Your choices:

  1. the food court area
  2. an Aeropostale store

Retrieved September 13, 2016