Escape the Dollhouse

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By: northgate

You jump and fortunately it is a small table designed for little kids and it is carpet below and you land unharmed. You immediately go under the table and hide behind one of the table legs. Not the perfect cover but better than being out in the open and no one will step on you. You figure you still have plenty of time to make it to Victoria Secrets on your own. You look around and see the front of the store right in front of you, except right in front of you is about 250 feet at your size and it is all in the open in a high traffic area. If someone doesn't see you there is a high chance you will get stepped on.

About a 100 feet to your left is a counter. There are people standing there waiting to pay but it is closer and they aren't moving too much. If you go that way you can follow the edge of the counter to almost the front of the store and stay out of the open floor space in the front of the store. You see people waiting to check out putting bags down while they are waiting and you think you could hitch a ride on a bag or on someone's foot to make better time through the mall, but if they walk the wrong way it could make your trip harder.

You think you could also go deeper into the store and maybe find an employee that could help you. Then again, you haven't met anyone yet who would help you since you shrank so the odds of finding someone now are probably fairly small. Fairly small like you, you think to yourself and you snicker at your own joke.

Just then you see a girl but down a backpack while she is paying and it has a strap with a clip on the end and you figure it would be an easy way to get a ride. She can't be much more than 50 feet away from you. You decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. hitch a ride on the backpack
  2. Decide to haul ass straight out of the store

Retrieved September 13, 2016