You Have No Ideas

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By: northgate

About ninety minutes pass and you have no idea what you are going to tell her. Every idea you can think of is unpleasant and you'd rather avoid or you are too small to do. Just then the door opens and in comes Debbie straight from the gym. "I couldn't stop think about what great ideas you were going to come up with for me. So go ahead and tell me your best idea first.", she tells you with her face right up to the bars of your cage.

"I couldn't come up with anything.", you say quietly knowing she won't be happy.

"You couldn't come up with one idea. You know me. You used to be my boyfriend. How hard can one idea be? Maybe Lindsey was right about you. She said you were worthless." she tells you. "Maybe I should leave you in the cage with no food or water until you give me some really good favors or maybe I should just kick ou out of my house right now. That would serve you right."

"No, no", you tell her knowing you won't survive on the street and may not find anyone else to help you. Thinking fast you say, "I love you. I want to do things to make you happy but it's just that I'm stressed out being so small and in a cage. I'm not used to this and it's hard to think straight."

"OK", she answers thinking for a moment, "If you really love me then maybe I need to give you a challenge to show me your dedication to me and that you're not a lazy slug who expects me to feed, cloth and house him for free. I am going to shower and change for work now. When I come back I'll give you your challenge. If you succeed I will give you a second chance. If you fail, then you will be on your own."

She gets some clothes and leaves the room for her shower. Now you are worried. You have no idea what she has in mind and how difficult it could be. You don't like being in a birdcage in your ex-girlfriend bedroom but the alternatives could be far worse.

After a while she returns and is cleaned up for work and changed her clothes. She comes over and takes you out of the birdcage and carries you to her desk where she sets you down and sits in her chair over you. "I brought you something to help you with the challenge.", she says and she drops a piece of material of the desk next to you and you pick it up and examine it. "It's a tunic. Try it on", she tells you and you comply. It has a hole for your head and arms and it drapes down to your calf. She hands you a string that you wraps around it and tie off to make a sort of belt. "This way you have something to wear. Succeed today and I'll get you something nicer."

She leans back in her chair to examine her work on you and smiles, "I guessed on the sizing. Look like I was pretty close. Now let me tell you about your challenge. It's really simple. I am going to work now and you will come with me. I am going to drop you off at the mall toy store. Your challenge is to get back to me at Victoria's Secrets before the mall closes. That six hours which should be plenty of time even for you. You make it and I'll give you a second chance, otherwise you are on your own."

She grabs you up and unzips a side compartment on her pocketbook that she sticks you in and zippers up tight. You lie there in darkness and know you are in big trouble. Your pretty sure the toy store is on the same level as her store but they are at opposite ends of the mall. You will need to navigate almost the entire length of the mall without being seen on a Saturday night and you'll need to go through the food court to get there which will be fairly busy. This is not going to be easy if at all possible,

You listen the the noises outside, her car starting, the car radio and finally the noise of the mall. The zip opens above you and you know your time is up. Her fingers reaches for you and pull you out and you are temporarily blinded by the bright lights. She brings you up close to her face so she can whisper to you, "I can't make this too easy for you. I'm sure you understand and then moves to put you down. She walks away and your eye adjust slowly and you panic that no one sees you before you have a chance to hide.

T=Your eyes adjust and you immediately see you are inside something. She must have put you here to give you a moment to rest. You look around and quickly think, "Shit". You are inside a large dollhouse and it is sitting on a display table that's a little more than a foot off the floor. It's a good hiding place for the moment but for all you know someone may be able to open it or lift off the roof and find you. Then you turn around and see to your horror that the back side is completely exposed. You see people walking by but no one is looking at the dollhouse at the moment so you are safe. There is plastic furniture inside and you move a dresser in the room you are in and crotch down behind it giving you a little cover for the moment.

You know you can't stay there so you need to devise a plan. Wait until there is no one nearby and dash down to the first floor of the dollhouse and then you;ll need to jump to the floor below and hope you don't hurt yourself. You can hopefully go under the display table and hide for a moment before figuring out your next step.
You wait about five minutes calming yourself and thinking about all the things that could go wrong. Then there is no one in sight and you think "Go!" in your head and make a mad dash. You get to the first floor and outside the dollhouse to the table and ...

Your choices:

  1. You make the jump successfully
  2. Someone spots you

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