The Next Morning with Debbie

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By: northgate

You are exhausted from all your adventures to date you you fall fast asleep. In the morning you are awakened by Debbie who removes the cover from the birdcage and says, "Rise and shine, tiny." She is already dressed and she takes you over to her desk where she has a thimble full of orange juice and a tiny piece of scrambled eggs for you which you gobble up.

She watches you and laughs at you eating, "What a little piggy you are. I guess it's my own fault for not getting you a tiny plate and fork."

You finish and look up at her. "What are we doing today?", you ask her.

She responds, ":I plan to work out at the gym today and I think you're a bit too small to use the equipment... and i'm working from 3-9 tonight". You remember that she works at Victoria's Secrets at the mall and you wonder what that store would be like at your size. She interrupts your thoughts and says, "Maybe you can come with me and we can stop at the toy store on the way in and see if we can find something for you to wear. Her comments remind you that you are still naked from your first day there.

"OK", you tell her anxious to go somewhere other than in the bird cage.

"Not so fast, little guy", she tells you. "First I want you to tell me what you are going to do for me that will make it worth my while to go out of my way to take you to the store and buy you clothes with my own money. For all I care you can be naked and in that birdcage for a long time. Now I am going to work out and when I get back you can tell me your ideas" She grabs you up and around the middle and carries you back to the cage but first she opens her hand exposing you to her lying in your back in the palm of her hand. Her fingertip runs down the length of your body pausing for a moment n your privates. "And to think that you broke up with me because I was too short for you. Now look at you. It''s too precious."

She closes her hand and thrusts you back into the cage dropping you to the floor and closing the door. "Remember, you better come up with some good stuff if you expect me to do any favors for you.", she tells you as she turns and leaves.

Your choices:

  1. Debbie returns and you have an idea
  2. Debbie returns and you have no idea

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