Debbie's Drunk

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By: northgate

You are awaken by your cage being shaken and you open your eyes to see Debbie looking in at you drunk off her ass. You remember how horny she used to get when she drank and you loved her crawling all over your body trying to rip your clothes off. She didn't drink too often back then but the few times she did it got crazy. But this was a whole different situation. She is more than 15 times your size and she might crush you if she is as crazy as she used to be.

You don't have another moment to thing as she opens the cage door and reaches in for you There is no where to run and her fingers close in around you and extract you from the cage. "Oooo, I missed you, little guy", she tells you as she carries you over and drops you on the bed. You watch as she sloppily gets undressed in front of you until she has nothing on except for her panties. "You like?", she asks striking a pose for you.

"You're gorgeous", you answer knowing the wrong answer might get you squashed with her in this state She lays down in bed and picks you up dangling you over her head playing with you. She lowers you down and kisses you and says, "You are just the cutest little thing. You know what I want you to do tonight?", she asks continuing without waiting foo an answer. "I want you to kiss me all over. You can start with my breasts and work down. You're going to kiss every inch of me tonight, no matter how long it takes and then when you are done, you're going to climb in my panties and kiss me some more in there. And you better stay in there until I say you can come out. She drops you between her breasts and orders, "Get started!"

You start by mounting her right breast and kissing her nipple. "Good boy" you hear her say as she lies back in the bed. You finish both breasts and your mouth is already dry and you have no idea how you will accomplish this job. You are just below her breasts when you notice her rhythmic breathing and you realize she is asleep. Do you ....

Your choices:

  1. Climb down and run for it
  2. Climb in her panties and go to sleep.

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