Debbie Returns For You

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By: northgate

Debbie come back into the room after an hour or so and she has her cell phone. "Awwww, you got down", she says as she opens the cage door. "You need to stay where I put you", she continues as she lifts you back up to the wood dowel swing. "Now you stay there while I take your picture", she instructs you as she opens her cell phone and an says, "Now say cheese"

You sit there looking stupid on a swing in a birdcage as she takes your picture. She examines it and is satisfied with the picture and puts the cell phone down on her nightstand and she comes back for you. She extracts you from the cage and takes you out to the kitchen. She puts you on the table and gives you a small plastic medicine cup filled with wine for you to drink. She also has a glass a wine and she has some cheese, fruit and bread on the table. She holds up her cup and says, "Here's to our new relationship" and drinks. You are barely able to drink from the cup but you manage. She has a knife to cut the fruit and cheese that is bigger than you and she playfully waves it and says, "You better not make me mad." She then uses the knife to cut you a tiny piece of cheese which she has you take off her fingertip. You take it and she giggles, "I see my little mouse likes cheese".

After your snack she cleans up and without a word carries you off to watch TV with her. It is some stupid chick flick that she likes and you are forced to sit there on the couch next to her and watch this. To make matters worse whenever the commercials are on she either wants to talk about the movie or she resorts to playing with you and giving you a little hard-on that she tells you she will take care of before bed.

After the movie she carries you back to the bedroom and puts you

Your choices:

  1. back in the birdcage
  2. on her bed

Retrieved September 13, 2016