HIde from Debbie's Mom

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By: northgate

At first you think it is a good idea to show yourself to Debbie's mom but then you remember that every other choice you made so far was the wrong choice. You stay put far under the desk and she goes about her chores and you are unnoticed. You sulk in the corner just wishing things could get a little better.

It is late in the afternoon when Debbie finally returns home. She kicks off her sneakers and pulls her socks off and stands by the desk. "Come out come out, tiny", she says in a sing song way. You trudge out dragging the weight still attached to your ankle and look up at her towering over you and smiling down at you.

"Good", she tells you, "Now on when I come home, I expect you to greet me and tell me how much you missed me and ask me about my day. Do you understand?"

"Yes", you say without as mush enthusiasm and she would like as you are hungry and thirsty and bored from being captive in her room. "I really missed you.", you continue, "It's really boring here. Maybe you can leave me the TV remote tomorrow."

"I don't want to hear your bitching", she says interrupting you, "You need to ask about my day but first you need to apologize for being so rude." She sits down at her desk chair and positions her foot right in front of you. "Give me a hundred kisses while telling me how wonderful I am for taking you back."

You look and she her shift her foot forward and you know what she wants. You approach her foot and get on your hands and knees and kiss it while telling her that she is the best girlfriend ever and that you were crazy to break up with her and that you want to be with her forever. You continue to kissing until you reach 100 and your mouth is an dry as sandpaper. "Can I please have a drink of water", you ask.

"Well I think you need a bath after being on the floor so long and you can get a drink too.", she tells you as she scoops you off the floor and heads for the bathroom.; She deposits you in the sink, closes the drain, and starts running the water. You drink as much as you can but quickly realize the water is running and you are still weighted down. You tell for her but she ignores you looking in the closet for a few things, When she returns the water is up to your neck and she giggles, "Silly me." and shuts it off. The she opens a bottle of baby shampoo and dumps it on your head. She squirts some shampoo on her palms and picks you up rubbing it all over your body. Her index finger settle on your penis giving you a nice hard one. Just as yu are about to cum, she drops yo in the water and laughs, "Don't you dare touch that little thing. It blue balls for my tiny toy." She rinses you off and dries you before taking you back to her room.

Debbie sits down at her desk and asks you if you'd like living on the floor or do you want different accommodations. You hate being made to exist hiding on the floor under your ex-girlfriends desk but you are afraid what she may have in mind for an alternative. You think about your previous bad choices and say ...

Your choices:

  1. I don't mind staying on the floor gazing up at your beauty
  2. I'll stay anywhere other than the floor

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