Debbie Returns

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By: northgate

You settle under her desk because it is relatively clean compared to under the bed or dresser and contemplate your situation. You can't remove the key fob or the wire jig from your ankle so you are stuck like this. Maybe if you play along she'll soften up eventually and go easy on you. You wait for her looking out at her gigantic room regretting you ever made any wishes with that genie. You look out at the floor and it is cluttered with clothes, shoes, books and everything else Debbie owns include you now.

Debbie comes home at dinner time and looks for you. "Where are you?", she asks and you call out to her slowly moving out from under the desk. She looks down and smiles. "I'm so glad you didn't wander far.", she says as she slips off her shoes and sweat socks exposing her bare feet. "Can you get around pretty fast with that thing?", she asks.

"Not really", you reply, "It's pretty heavy." You wonder why she is asking and what she is up to but it doesn't take too long for you to find out.

"Maybe I can give you some motivation", she giggles, "Run or I'll step on you"

A moment later her barefoot slams down near you and you don't have to be told twice and you grab the ball and start to run as best you can to the nearby relative safety of under her desk. Her foot comes down directly in front of your path and you going crashing into it . You hear her voice above say, "Now that's not fair if you go and hide. You need to stay out in the open where I can step on you. Now run." You respond going toward the door and every once in a while her foot would crash next to you and you'd hear her say, "Faster!"

You keep trying to run and you hear her say, "Let's make this interesting" and just then a shoe comes crashing down from above in your path. You go around it and try to continue for the door and another shoe comes down next to you and it doesn't hit you but the impact knocks you off your feet and you fall on your back. You look up and you see Debbie barefoot coming down over you in slow motion. She says, "Bye bye buggie" as it comes down and you feel the weight cover you and you wait for the end.

Suddenly she lifts her foot off and picks up the key fob dangling you by your ankle in front of her face. "You know you aren't very good at that game. I didn't want to step on you the first day and there's so much more fun we can have.", she tells you as she carries you over and deposits you inside an old Converse sneaker that was lying on the floor. "Now stay there and I'll bring you a present after I eat dinner for being a good sport." You collapse in the smelly shoe exhausted from her workout.

She returns after about an hour later with a bottle of water and a bowl and that she places on the floor. "Now you can go check out your present in the bowl", she tells you and you slowly climb out of the shoe and over to the bowl which you see has a few pieces of shredded chicken in it. "I wasn't going to let you starve", she tells you as you try to climb in the bowl to get at the chicken but after a few attempts she pick you up and deposits you in the bowl. You grab at the chicken and start eating it and she says, "Whoops, I almost forgot your drink. Some nice cold water". She picks up the bottle and pours it directly over you drenching you and your meal. "Sorry I don't have a cup small enough for you. You'll have to lap it up like the dog you are", she laughs walking away knowing you probably can't get out of the bowl. You keep eating and drinking the water as she goes to her bed to watch TV which is out of your view.

It isn't until bedtime that she comes to get you out of the bowl and dry you off with a napkin. "Are you going to sleep on the floor under my desk tonight.", she asks you.

You not sure where she is going with this and say, "Yes, I don't have much choice, do I?"

"Sure you do", she says sweetly, "I can arrange to let you sleep someplace soft and comfortable if you ask me nicely."

You really don't want to sleep in the open on the carpet so you take a chance and say, "Debbie, please let me sleep someplace soft and decent"

"I have just the place", she tells you as she deposits you back in smelly Converse sneaker you were in earlier. "I've been wearing these all summer without socks", she laughs, "It almost like I knew you were coming and I was getting them ready for you. Just one more thing to make sure you are nice and comfy.", she laughs as she tilts the sneaker back causing you to slide toward the toe section. "A nice blanket to keep you warm tonight" and she stuffs a sweat sock she was wearing earlier in the shoe trapping you in place. "Now don't move my sock of come out of there until I let you out", she orders you, "Pleasant dreams"

You stay in the shoe miserable at how she continues to treat you but you remember she is your ex and you did dump her so you sort of understand her. In the morning she pulls out the sock and tips the shoe so you go tumbling to the back so she can pick up the key fob and dangle you in front of her face. You notice that she is already dressed and ready to go to work. "Listen up", she tells you, "My mom likes to clean linens on Wednesday because it's her day off so I suggest you stay will hidden for your own good." She lowers you back to the floor and leaves for the day.

You make your way back under the desk and wait out the day hoping you don't have to run again when Debbie comes home. It boring but there isn't much you can do but wait especially with her warning. You doze off but are awaken about an hour later when the door opens and Debbie's mother, Karen comes in the room to change the linens. You think about showing yourself to her. She's a reasonable person and maybe she'll stop Debbie from being so mean. You think it over and decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. stay hidden
  2. yell up to get her attention

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