Looking Up To Debbie

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By: northgate

Debbie comes for you in the morning and places you on her desk where she has bread and water for you to eat that you gobble up. "now I've been thinking about you and I decided what I want to do. You broke up with me because I was too short for you and I think that given the situation you need to spend some time looking up to me and everything that is mine." She takes a piece of wire uses jewelers plied to create a loop and then winds it several time around your right ankle before cutting off the length with the pliers and scaring you with the force of this small tool.

When she is done you see she has created an ankle bracelet with a loop protruding out the side. You try to move the wire but you aren't strong enough. She looks in her desk drawer and extracts a key chain with a silver fob on the end with your initials on it. She dangles it between her finger tips in front of you and says, "I bought this for you and I never got a chance to give it to you before we broke up. It was custom engraved so I couldn't return it." She twirls it in her fingers and the back is engraved in script "Love, Debbie". She smiles at you. "I think now is as good a time as any to give it to you. She knocks you down and pins you to the table while she attaches the end to the loop on your ankle bracelet.

When she releases you, you stand up and feel the key fob is like a 25 pound weight on the end of a short link chain which will make it very difficult for you to go anywhere fast. She picks you up and sets you on the floor next to her bare foot. "this is what you call karma", she tells you, "From now on you'll live on the floor of my bedroom gazing up at your beautifully tall ex-girlfriend all my giant furniture and belongings and regret breaking up with me. You'll be an insignificant little bug that I allow to live with me.", she laughs down at you, "Oh, and I suggest you stay out of my way", she says wriggling her toes at you or you may find yourself squished under a giant flip flop. She gives your you a push with her toe and says, "Now run along but don't go too far because you better be here when I'm ready to play with you again."

You pick up the key fob and slowly move across the floor out of the middle of her walk way to relative safety.

"Now don't go far", she laughs as she slips on the aforementioned flip flops and leaves you closing the door behind her. You sink to the fllor and look up at the impossibly giant bed and regret everything you've done.

Your choices:

  1. Debbie Returns

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