Debbie's Panties Drawer

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By: northgate

Debbie carries you over to her dresser and opens the top drawer. You look down as she lowers you in and see neatly folded panties. She takes the top pair out and lays you down on the remaining stack of cotton panties and looks at you lying there helpless. "See, I'm not mean or vindictive about our former history. As long as you follow me rules and do what I say, you'll be treated fine.", she tells you as she takes a pair of silk panties and lays them on top of you. "Now you get some rest little man because tomorrow you'll need all of your energy."

She blows you a kiss and closes the drawer plunging you in darkness. You lie there and think of your next move. You have no idea how to get back to normal. You think about escaping from Debbie but even if you could escape where would you go and how would you get there. At least here you'll get food and shelter even if you have to be her dildo a few times a week. Maybe you need to make the best of the situation for now. Then you start thinking about a future with Debbie. She's starting her senior year in college. What would it be like long term with her. What is she got a boyfriend and she decides to dump you. You continue to worry about all the possible scenarios but her eventually fall asleep from exhaustion.

You are awaken by the drawer opening. It is Debbie and ...

Your choices:

  1. it's late at night and she is drunk and horny
  2. it's morning and she has a surprise for you

Retrieved September 13, 2016