Debbie Plays with you

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By: northgate

You try to run away as fast as you can but Debbie slams her thighs together trapping you inside. "Where do you think you are going, tiny. We're just getting started.", she tells you as she releases the pressure of her thighs and her hand comes down pushing you back to her pussy. "You were good when you used to play with me down there. I liked when you paid it special attention. Now you can play there whenever I want you to."

You reach out and feel her already moist pussy and you stroke her labia and feel her shudder. You use your entire arm and push inside stroking her. Then you reach up and find that special spot that she likes you to play with and you rub the palm of your hand over it and she shakes so had you would have been knocked over if your arm wasn't deep inside her. You continue this treatment until her hand returns and pushes your head forward and inside her as you hear her say, "Kiss it". Her finger presses your head in further until you reach that same special spot. You kiss it over and over and she shakes even more and it feels like an earthquake.

Now you have both hands inside caressing while you keep kissing her. You can feel it getting hotter and wetter inside her and you hear her say, "I need more". Suddenly her hand grabs you and repositions you directly into her vagina and she starts pumping your entire body in and out like you are some kind of dildo to her. This goes on for what feels like forever and you are sure she is going to break your body or you are going to drown in her pussy when she finally orgasms and lets you out

You lay collapsed between her thighs as she sits up and looks down at you helplessly lying there. She smiles down at you, "You're a keeper", she says, "I wonder how many other positions and uses I can discover for you." She takes you in the bathroom to clean you up and as she dries you off decided that you are tired and need a rest so she takes you to ...

Your choices:

  1. her panties drawer
  2. a hanging birdcage

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