Samantha takes you to a College Lab

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By: northgate

Samantha takes you out of her purse and you look around and see you are in some kind of lab. "Where are we?", you ask her.

"Well my friend Mandy works here and she is a science genius. If anyone can help you, it's her.", she tells you while holding you tightly in her fist.

You hear and sound and turn around to see Mandy has come over. "So what do you have to show me", she asks Samantha who places you on a table. Mandy bends down and looks at you through a pair of stylish rectangular glasses. She has blond hair and bright blue eyes and is quite attractive for a science geek. It is scientifically impossible for a human to be this small or for anything to reduce someone to this size unless he was moving faster than the speed of light but of course according to Einstein that isn't possible. This didn't happen in any lab experiment.", she tells Samantha. So look back at you and says, "So how did you really get that small?", she asks you with her fac directly in front of you.

"You're right", you reply, "It was magic. An evil genie did this to me."

She laughs at your response so loud she almost blows you over. "Magic? Genies? Do you expect me to believe that? Why don't you tell us you're an alien for another planet or you were born this way? Magic, come on that ridiculous.", she says.

Samantha snatches you up and holds you close to her chest. "Don't laugh at him Mandy. The poor guy is tiny and all alone in the world. Can you help him.?"

Mandy thinks for a minute and says, "Well if you want, I can try to help him but it may take a lot of research and a long time. But you need to give him to me untilI cure him. You won't be able to see him until he is back to normal. Do you agree?"

Your choices:

  1. Samantha hands you over to Mandy
  2. Samantha decides to keep you and take you home with her.

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