Lie to Samantha

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By: northgate

You decide telling the genie story hasn't worked for you so far so you say, "Yes, it was a lab accident. They said it was irreversible and they wanted to keep me there like a lab rat to study. That's when I decided to escape but I haven't had good luck since then.... until you found me. Thanks for letting me come home with you."

Samantha gushes , "Oh you poor little man. Tat must be terrible." She picks you up and hugs you pressing you against her t-shirt and against her warm breast. "Don't you worry, you poor little man. Samantha will take good care of you for now on." She lifts you up and gives you a big kiss across the face which takes your breath away.

She puts you on her sofa and turns the TV on. "Now you stay here while a change into something more comfortable." She leaves you and you look up and the TV and see it is some Lifetime movie on and you groan as the remote is on the table in front of you but difficult to get to. You realize how difficult life is going to be at this size and you wish you had never found that genie.

A few minutes later Samantha returns wearing cotton pajamas that consists of a loose shirt that she only buttoned two buttons and boxer bottoms. She smiles down at you and flops down on the couch flipping you in the air. She giggles, "Whoops, sorry. I guess I have to be more careful with you around." She glances up at the TV and says, "Oh, this movies just starting. Let's watch it."

You know there is no use in trying to convince her to watch ESPN so you just settle in for two hours of some made for TV chick flick. You watch the whole thing with her and during some of the commercial when she isn't getting up for something she pulls you into her lap to gush over how cute you are.

When the movie is finally over she tells you it's bedtime and carries you to her bedroom which is surprisingly pink and frilly. She looks around for a moment and says, "Hmmm, we need to find you a nice place to sleep. You could sleep in my bed but I might roll over and crush you under my big boobs." She spies a tissue box that has a wide opening across the top and side that she lays you in and places on the nightstand next to her bed. "That will be nice and comfy", she tells you, "I'll come up with something better tomorrow."

She climbs in bed and shuts out the light leaving you to wonder what will happen to you.

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  1. The next morming

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