Hidden on Samantha

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By: northgate

Samantha gets a mischievous smile and proceeds to stuff you in the back of her bikini between her butt checks. "You'll be nice and safe back there and well hidden while I dance.", she tells you as she finishes dressing for her act and leaves with you tucked away.

You hear the music get louder and a lot of voices as she takes the stage and starts dancing and you think you are going to vomit from this ride as she dances to the music. She does two numbers which is more than you can stand and then she follows that by walking around the inside of the bar collecting tips from the patrons. Fortunately they all can only focus on her top half so you stay safely hidden.

When you get back to the dressing room she extracts you and asks, "Was that fun for you?"

"NO!" you tell her, "I though I was going to throw up from all that shaking. Please don't ever do that again."

She giggles at your response, "OK. Well Indira left for the night so I can hide you in my bag in my locker for the rest of my shift. I guess you'
ll be safe in there and then I can take you home."

You getting your bearings back and you now she that Samantha is completely topless from her act and she has a pair of really large and perfect breasts right in front of you and you stare at them slack jawed. She sees your reaction and says, "Like what you see sailor? Maybe you'll get to play with them later when we get back to my place.", she says as she carries you over to her locker and drops you in her bag securing you away for the evening.

You lay there in the darkness listening to the music playing in the club waiting for your new friend to return and hoping she is better than many of the others you have met so far.

Several hours pass when she check up on you and tells you, "Good news my shift is over so we can go home." She changes into her street clothes and leaves for her apartment. A short while later she takes you out and you see you are in a small kitchen in an older apartment. She takes out some leftovers and makes herself a plate and sits down at the table to eat near where you are standing. She offers you a tiny piece of chicken to eat and you gobble it up.

You look around and it is apparent she doesn't have much money. "I thought strippers make good money.", you ask her as you finish your chicken.

"Not in a club like that and not when you are paying off student loans.", she tells you, "Four years of an Ivy League education and this is the best job I could get. I danced while I was at school to make some money and I just kept doing it when I didn't find a job. Rents not cheap in this town you know."

She finishes and clears the dishes and continues, "I did say I owe you some play time from that little booty ride I gave you earlier tonight. Do you want to play around now or do you just want to hang out?"

You respond "How about ...

Your choices:

  1. some playtime !
  2. we just hang out tonight.

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