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By: northgate

You are amazed to see it is Jasmine the genie but she is dressed inmodern clothes.

"Oh thank good it is you. Quickly, make me full size again ", you tell her.

"Hold on, little feller. I'm not your genie anymore. You gave me my freedom so I don't have to take your orders. I just stopped in to see how you were doing and it doesn't look too good.", she says with a laugh.

"OK, so then why are you here", you ask her.

"Well, I feel a little bad about how things turned out for you and the way I figure it this girl here plays pretty rough and she will probably break you in two before the weeks over. So I'm make you a deal. I will help you out of the mess and send you where ever you want to go and all I want is that you'll owe me a favor someday. And whatever that favor is, you cannot refuse me. So what do you think? Better hurry, your new girlfriend will be back here in a minute. Want to go someplace other than here?"

"Yes", you answer eagerly, "It's a deal. Send me back to....

Your choices:

  1. Samantha the Stripper
  2. My ex-girlfriend Debbie

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