Indira Sits on you

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By: northgate

Indira sits down on you lodging you between the crack of her ass and the cushion so you aren't crushed but totally immobilized and barely able to breath. She lets a little gas go and you are overwhelmed by the smell as she lets out a little giggle. After about a minute she leans forward and pulls you out dangling you in front of her face. "Now will you obey me or do I need to stick your head up my butt and keep you there for the night?"

"Anything you want", you cry out, "You win"

"Good", she replies as she places you on the floor bringing her bare foot down next to you, "You could have gotten away with just a foot massage but now I want you get on your hands and knees and use your tiny tongue to clean between my toes. Now get to work or I'll step on you bug."

You quickly scamper to her feet and drop to your hands and knees and start licking away not wanting to anger her further. You can't stand the salty taste that makes you thirsty. You go to the second toe but she orders you, "You aren't done until I tell you to move on." You are miserable at this treatment but know that the alternative would be worse. You spirits are raised a bit when you finish and she gives you shot glass full of water to drink. You can't lift it so you have to use your hands to get a drink. "You are so entertaining to watch", Indira tells you, "I liked you little tongue action too. I have been thinking of some more interesting places for you to use it."

When you finish, she picks you up and carries you into her bedroom. "I have a surprise for you", she tells you as she enters the room. She goes in her closet and takes out a small decorative golden bird cage. "This seems like the perfect place to keep my new little pet", she tells you as she shoves you in and closes the door securing it with a bent paperclip. "Now I have to get some sleep but tomorrow morning I'll have some more special jobs for you", she tells you as she strips and drapes her t-shirt over the cage blocking your view of her as she showers and prepares for bed.

You settle in for a long night in this cramped cage.

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