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By: superfan

"Kiss my ass, instead!"

Indira raises her eyebrows in astonishment that you still haven't learned your place. And, for a moment, you think she's going to get mad enough to kill you! But, then, it occurs to you.

"At this point, I'd consider it a mercy killing."

Evidently, Indira has had the same thought. Because, a most unnerving grin crosses her face.

" I think I'll kiss something more preferable."

Whereupon, she plants a big wet lip-lock on you that (at your present size) engulfs your whole head in the process. Consequently, she almost literally takes your breath away! But, she stops just short of total suffocation. Instead, she gets off the couch just long enough to place you on to its middle cushion. She then...

Your choices:

  1. ...sits down on top of you.
  2. ...belly-flops down, on top you!

Retrieved September 13, 2016