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By: northgate

"Listen Indira", you yell up at her, "I'm not your toy and I'm not going to do whatever you want so you might as well take me back to Samantha".

She laughs at you, "Looks like me toy needs a little discipline. That's OK with me if that's how you want to play" She brings her foot down on top of your body pinned you on your back on the coffee table with her toes in your face. She wiggles them a bit before spreading her first two toes apart and trapping your head and neck between them. She squeezes her toes and you think your head is going to pop and she just laughs at you struggling to get free. "Isn't this much better than a foot massage? You should learn to listen to your mistress, toy." She turns her foot and relaxes her toes releasing you from her hold but only for a minute as the sole of her other foot slams into your back trapping you between the sole of her feet that she rubs together crushing you in the process.

"Isn't this fun?", she asks as she laughs at your torture as she releases you and you drop to the table like a wet dishrag that has been wrung out.

"No it was terrible", you reply, "You are mean and evil

"Ohhh, you do need to learn manners too. First I am your mistress and you should address me as such. Second, you should never be disrespectful to your mistress. So an appropriate response to my question would have been, Yes mistress, your feet are heaven to me."

You stand up to run although you are not surer where but her foot swoops in and catches your head and neck back between her toes. "You make this too easy.", she tells you are her feet come together again and she repeats the torture but this time even longer as she slowly rolls you between her bare soles soaking in the feeling.

When she releases you she asks, "Do you enjoy it more the second time because I know I did."

"You are such an evil bitch", you reply.

"My, my", she answers as her foot grabs you again, "You are not a good student at all. Let's hope the third times a charm or I'll have to get more serious. I hope not because I'd hate to permanently damage you the first night together." She slams her soles together and add, "I hope not." She grinds you even harder and lift you in the air held by her feet as she changes positions and lies on the couch as she continues to play with you. This time she continues for a long time and you think she may kill you in the process but eventually she raises her feet up and releases you causing you to fall to the sofa below. Her feet come down on each side of you with her soles down on the sofa.

"Now, are you having fun yet", she asks, "And before you answer I want you to also kiss each of my toes to thanks them for your ride."


Your choices:

  1. continue to defy her.
  2. break down and give in to her.

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