Going with Indira

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By: northgate

Indira stuffs you in her bra to go out to the stage to do her dance routine. However as she gets there she realizes she going to have to strip and you'll be seen so she takes you out at the last minute and drops you into a empty glass behind the bar. From your standpoint you can look up and see Indira doing her dance and you get an instant hard-on watching this hot giantess dance in front on you. The whole scene is surreal and you grab your cock and jerk-off to her now naked body gyrating in front of you. She continues longer than you can go on and you lean back and watch her continue until her set ends and she goes around the bar to collect her tips.

You realize how you must look and are a bit embarrassed and hope another girls or a bartender don't take the glass you are in before she returns. You feel a bit paranoid waiting there feeling relatively exposed. Finally you feel some relief when you see Indira smiling face looking down at you as she lifts the glass and carries you back to the dressing room. She sets the glass down on the table as she organizes her tips and cleans herself up before getting changed into a top and jeans. She looks much more ordinary without the exotic costume although still a natural beauty.

"Now we need to get you some help", she says as she tilts the glass and you slide into her awaiting palm. "I think this will be more comfortable than my pocket", she tells you as she opens a side zipper compartment of her large bag with her accessories for work and drops you in. The pocket is probably eight inches round and relatively flat which hold you in place when she zips it up.

You listens as you are transported to her home. She walks a short distance and then you hear the sounds of a car door followed by a the motor and the radio. At least she doesn't live in this sleazy neighborhood", you think to yourself as you. You think you are really lucky for once finding this girls that will help you out.

The car stops and there is a lengthy walk including an elevator ride. She must live in an apartment. Can't be too bad a place if she has an elevator.", you think.

It isn't long before she unzips the pocket and her hand reaches in for you and drops you down on a coffee table in front of a couch. She kicks her shoes off and puts her legs up on the table on each side of you and smiles down at you. "Looks like you survived the trip OK", she says continuing to eye you up.

"Well I just wanted to thank you for helping me out. I didn't realize Samantha and those other girls were so terrible. I appreciate what your doing for me.", you tell her.

She bursts out laughing at your statement. "Well to tell you the truth, Samantha's not so bad. In fact she probably would have treated you nice and been really sweet to you. The truth of the matter is that I just had to have you so I told a little lie to get you all to myself. You're going to be my little toy man waiting to serve his mistress at her call for anything anytime. In fact let's start right now with a foot massage." She reached down and pulled her sock off exposing her bare foot that she bring right next to you. "Come on and let's get started. You don't want to displease your new mistress."


Your choices:

  1. Get to work
  2. Refuse to do what she wants

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