Samantha the Stripper

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By: northgate

"Why aren't you the cutest thing", she exclaims, "I'm Samantha and I'm dancer at Club Deja Vu. You can come hang out with me until I get done work." She drops you in a side pouch of the duffel bag and zips you up leaving you in darkness. It's not a long walk and soon you can hear you are inside. After a while, she unzips the pocket you are in and her manicured fingers intrude on your space and she grasps for you. Avoid her is futile and she grabs you up and dumps you on the table in front of her. You look around and see you are in a dressing room. Samantha has already changed into some skimpy lingerie for her dance. She's right in front of you as she adjusts her make-up and you admire her body looming over you. This girl is really hot.

You try to reason with her. "Listen Samantha. I used to be normal size but I was shrunk in a freak accident and I need your help."

She continues without even looking down at you. "Sure, Sure", she says, "I gotta work my shift first. Gotta pay the bills. I'm done at 10 and then I can sort this out. I gotta do my act now. Just stay here and don't get in trouble. If anyone asks, just tell them you're with me.", she says as she gets up to go on stage.

You look around and she two other girls in the dressing room but they haven't seen you... yet. There is one girl at the adjacent table fixing her make-up. She has a dark complexion looking almost Indian and is wearing an outfit with different color silk scarfs. Across the room is another girl, a buxom blond who is putting on a classic Catholic School uniform. You are afraid things are complicated enough that you should attract any more attention to yourself and get in trouble any deeper. Just then a third girl enters the room having just come off the dance floor and she is topless only wearing a g-string. She sits down at the table right in front of you and starts removing all the dollar bills she has tucked in various places and straightening them out into a neat stack. He massive breasts loom right over you.

"She looks down and see you immediately. "My, my, what do we have here?", she says in a southern drawl, "You must be the littlest customer I done ever seen come in here." She smiles and watches you carefully as she tuck her money away in a zippered pouch.

"I'm a friend of Samantha's. I'm just waiting for her to finish work", you try to explain.

"Well, I'm friends with Samantha too", she tells you, "So I guess were all friends". She continues to watch you and continues, "I think you like my big breasts, don't you? Would you like to touch em?", she asks as she positions herself so they are hoovering over your head. "Go ahead you can touch them." You reach out with both hands but it is not nearly enough to envelop these mammoths. She lowers herself a little closer and says, "Why don't you give me a little kiss now.", as she positions her nipple right in front of your face. You can't resist and stretch up and kiss her nipple that is more than a mouthful. She backs off a bit and looks you over smiling. "You liked that, huh?", she asks smiling down at you. "OK, now where is my tip. A gentleman always tips the girls."

"I don't have any money", you explain, "look I don't want any trouble. I'm sorry I can't tip you. Maybe when Samantha comes back she'll lend me a dollar for you."

This girl is having none of this and lifts you up between her finger tips and dangles you in front of her face. "I don't think a dollar is going to do it, tiny." Meanwhile you you look to the right and you see she is joined by the girl with the veils has come over to see what was going on. She nods knowingly to you and says to your captor, "Here's twenty bucks to pay off his debt. Let me have a little time with him now." The topless girl drops you in this girls awaiting palms and gets up. "Wasn't like I was going to take him home.", she growls as she gets dressed, "My shift is over and my boyfriend would bite his head off and use it for fishin bait if he saw me bring him home."

This new girl carries you over to her table and sets you down. "Listen we don't have much time", she whispers to you, "These girls are nasty and the things they would do to a little guy like you is ... Well just say I don't think you'd survive for long especially with that Samantha. I can help you but only if you want me to. I can get you out of here without a issue. Just play along with what I say."

Just then Samantha comes back in carrying most of her outfit and starts sorting out her tips. She sits at the table you were originally on and immediately notices you are gone. "What are you little guy", she calls out in a sing song way. Your new friend answers, "He's over here. You see this guy is a friend of my brothers and he was in an accident. I need to get him help."

Samantha looks a bit suspicious and walks over to the two of you. "So little guy, Is that true.", she asks you.

You look up at her from the table and say....

Your choices:

  1. Yes, that's the truth.
  2. No, It's a lie. Help me Samantha."

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