Karen Takes You for a Ride

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By: northgate

You feel Karen drop the bag you are in into her purse and a few minutes later you hear the sounds of a car and realize she is taking you some where. You drive for about thirty minutes when you hear her stop the car. She opens purse taking the bag out and she opens bag you are trapped in out and holds you in her fist. She looks down at you and says, "I gave you a chance but you blew it. You got yourself in this mess and I'm not going to ket you drag Debbie into your problems again. You're going to need to figure this out yourself. Now I could have just flushed you down the toilet and told Debbie you left but I'm not that mean. I'll give you a chance to save yourself but don't even think about coming back to our house. If you do I will flush you away."

She leaves the car and walks down the sidewalk. You can see you are downtown but you are not exactly sure where. She reaches a small alleyway and stops. "Good luck", she tells you as she puts you on the sidewalk and quickly walks away. You duck in the alley just to get out of immediate sight and think what to do. You are alone in the city and have no way to get help. You know you can't stay here or you may become a meal for a stray cat. You decide you have to find shelter which will mean going out into the open and try and find a way into a building.

You emerge from the alleyway and make your way down the sidewalk staying close to the wall and away from any feet passing by. You make your way up the block when a shadow falls on you and you hear a voice say, "Oh my Gawd!". You turn and look up to see a pretty twenty something carrying a duffel bag looking down at you. You want to run but it is futile as she bents down and grabbing you up in her fingers and lifting you off the ground. "Why aren't you the cutest thing", she exclaims, "I'm Samantha and I'm ...."

Your choices:

  1. on my way to work (She's a Stripper)
  2. on my way home (She's a Graduate Student at the University)

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