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By: northgate

You figure you are getting nowhere with Karen and the sooner she leaves the easier it will be to get Jamie to help you. You don't say anything and just as you hoped Karen and Jamie have a quick talk and Karen is gone. You wonder what she is going to tell Debbie happened to you.

You are left with Jamie who sweeps you up in her palm and is looking you over. You are a bit nervous by this and decide to make some small talk. "So Jamie", you start, " Karen said things have been rough lately."

"Yeah", she tells you, "I just had my baby and my boyfriend left me when he found out I was pregnant. I can't afford to raise her myself so I had to give her up for adoption. So yesterday, I signed all the papers and now she is gone and I am all alone. I've got a few weeks off from work and Karen and a few of the other women at work have been nice to me".

You look Jamie over. She 's not bad looking with straight blond hair and blue eyes. She's a little chunky which is to be expected if she just had a baby. You think she is probably considered white trash by most but she seems OK for now.

She brings you closer and you struggle in her grip but it is useless as she can easily overpower you. She holds you up against her shirt and against her breast. She holds you firmly and rocks you. "You can be my little baby now, cutie", she says. She lifts her shirt and you are face to face with a mammoth breast. "Now don't struggle baby", she tells you as she pushes your face into her nipple, "You need to drink up, baby", she tells you.

You struggle but she won't relent and you are forced to such and drink the warm milk oozing from her nipple. She holds you and gently rocks you until you are full and you feel drowsy from the milk. She slowly rocks you until you are fast asleep.

You wake up hours later and find yourself dressed in what looks to be a diaper made from a piece of cotton material and secured with a small safety pin which look huge to you. You are in a room without a door which you quickly realize is a shoebox lined with towels. The sides are too high for you to get out and you are stuck until Jamie comes over to get you.

Eventually she comes over and picks you up. "Did my did baby waby have a good night's sleep?", she asks you.

"Listen to me", you tell her, "I am not a baby and I need your help to get in contact with Debbie."

"Now stop fussing, baby or I'll put you right back in your crib.", she replies, "Now are you going to behave and come have breakfast with mommy?"


Your choices:

  1. get along with her
  2. tell her to quit calling you her baby

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