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By: northgate

Karen, Debbie mom, has kidnapped you when you turned down her offer to be her "special friend" in addition to being Debbie's boyfriend. You were trying to do the right thing by your girlfriend and it still didn't work out. Now Karen has brought you a small house on the outskirts of town. She opens the sack that you were trapped in and spill out on to a kitchen table in front of a friend of hers.

"Jamie this is Joe and Joe this is Jamie.", she says and you look up to see her friend who is probably only a few years older than you looking down. She has long black hair, big dark brown eyes and big full lips. You look down a bit and see the largest set of breasts you've ever seen in person.

"He's a cutie", you hear her say and before you can react her fingertip descend on you and she scoops you into her palm.. Her finger brushes over you and she says, "Can he talk too?"

"Of course, I can", you tell her, "and I need your help. She stole me from my girlfriend who happens to be her daughter and I need to get back to her."

"Oooo, sorry I asked", she says as she drops you back onto the table top. She turns to Karen and says, 'Looks like he's a bit talkative."

"yeah", Karen says, "Just do what you think is necessary but he can be all yours now."

"Wait a minute.", you interrupt, "What about Debbie?"

Karen gives you a poke to shut you up and says, "This is simple. You and Debbie are over. This is Jamie, my friend from work and she is going through a rough patch these days and you are going to help her." You see she just had a baby and her boyfriend left her as soon as heard that she was pregnant. Since she is here all alone, I thought you'd be good company for her."

You ...

Your choices:

  1. go along and bide your time for an escape.
  2. demand she take you back to Debbie.

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