Turn Down Karen's Offer

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By: northgate

You decide this is too complicated and you don't want to cause any more problems between you and Debbie. You tell her, "I'm sorry Mrs. Beal but I don't want to complicate things between me and Debbie."

"That too bad because you are missing out on a good thing", she replies and she pulled out a small cloth sack that you might store your iPod and headphones in and she opens it up. She reaches for you and you try to run but you are no match as she grabs you up and stuffs you in the sack and pulls the drawstring shut. She stands up and dangles the sack with you inside in front of her face. "I know what you are like and I can't have you messing with me Debbie again. You are either going to marry her and leave her to support you for the rest of her life or you would leave her again and break her heart and I'm not about to let that happen. As far as she will know you decided not to propose and you left because you were too scared to face her. Now I just need to figured out what to do with you"

She carries you back to her room and drops the sack into her pocketbook and zips it up trapping you inside.

You hear her say, "I have a few ideas" as she walks back to the kitchen to make a few phone calls.

You lay in the sack in darkness and think that now that you are finally doing right by Debbie her mother has stepped in and screwed things up. You are locked away for a couple hours. She came back for her purse and went on a car ride. She arrives at her destination and when she takes you out you discover she has decided to

Your choices:

  1. bring you to a friend of her's
  2. drop you off on a corner in a seedy part of town

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