Haley is Ready For More

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By: northgate

Hayley comes back in the bathroom a little while later and she is wearing a skimpy silky baby doll lingerie. She smiles down at you as pulls the tape off of you causing a great deal of pain and you yell out. "Oh what I big baby", she says with a pout, "actually what a little baby". She laughs at her joke and says, "So are you ready to give me a real apology or are you still Mr. Cranky ready for more punishment."

You aren't ready for anything else and decide to give in. Pushing back with her won't work so you'll have to plan an escape. "I am so sorry.", you tell her, "I'm stupid not to want to be with you forever. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Please forgive me", you tell her laying it on thick.

"I see you've come to your senses", she tells you, "I guess my perfume cleared your head. Are you ready to pleasure your goddess now? I even have a special outfit for you."

"Yes", you tell her, "I want that more than anything in the world" You hope you can gain her trust and escape soon.

"Excellent", she says as she picks you up in her hand and carries you back to the bedroom. She lies down with her back propped up with pillows and deposits you between her legs. You look up to see she has nothing on under the lingerie and you are looking at her bared womanhood. "No need for any foreplay", she tells you, "I think you know what I like and I have been waiting all day for this." Her hand gives you a little shove and you stumble forward into her and you her a loud sign. "Let me feel those little hands and tongue at work", she tells you and gives you a poke to remind you who is in charge.

You go to work and it is a repeat of the earlier times where she forces you to go to work on her pushing as deep as you can inside her and just when you think you've gone as deep as you dare, her fingers descend on you and use you as her dildo pumping you in and out as fast as she can. When she final climaxes and releases you, you know better than to run. This time and pull yourself up onto her belly using her outfit to help you climb and say, "Mistress I love you so much. Can I cuddle with you?"

"Awwww, that's cute", she says and she takes you back to the bathroom and carefully washes you clean with warm water and towels you dry before returning to bed. She lies down and pulls you close to her bare breast to cuddle you. "My widdle man mad his goddess feel so good. Let me show you how nice I can be to you. You don't have to sleep in that vase. Tomorrow I will get a nice clear plastic box to keep you in. That way I can see you and you can watch me and get all horny for your goddess when you see me naked." She shuts the light off and rolls on her side with you tightly against her breasts. "Now isn't this nice", she asks as she dozes off with you held tight.

You hearing her snoring softly and realize this is your chance. You are trapped in her house and you have no idea where that is or how you will even get out of the house but you have a chance to get away and hide until you figure your next move. You slowly inch your way out of her grip and free to the surface of the bed. You know this is your only chance and if she catches you, you may never get another chance.
You climb down and sheet and jump to the carpeted floor below and make the trek across the room to the door. The space at the bottom is enough that you can crawl through and you make it into the hall. You think about your next course of action and realize it is best you move to the downstairs in case an opportunity presents itself for escape it is move likely to be down there. You are in luck when you find this is a split level house and there are only five steps to the ground level. You lower yourself carefully over each step until you reach the bottom. Once down there are multiple rooms you can hide and you take the living room as there is a sofa that is low but has space for you to hide underneath. You take your position and once you feel a bit more comfortable you doze off from exhaustion.

You are awaken by footsteps and you can see Haley and her daughter getting ready for the day and coming down for breakfast. Once Hayley gets her daughter her meal, you see her scanning from room to room looking for you. You know you are in deep trouble and it is only a matter of time before she finds you. You hide behind a leg just in case she looks under the sofa. After a while they pack up and she takes her daughter to school for the day. You are relieved but no closer to a plan to escape.

Less than an hour later Hayley returns alone and you know this is not going to be easy. "Ok, I know you are here somewhere", she announces, "If you come out now I won't hurt you but if you make me find you I promise it will hurt a lot." She starts looking and says, "Just come out into the open and surrender to me." You hide back behind the leg knowing you are now committed to escaping and can't give up now no matter what she says. She works from room to room but she has no idea what room you are in so you are safe so far. "Little man, when I find you and I will, I will make you wish you were never born." You continue hiding and and eventually she needs to leave for an appointment and you can relax for a little while. However you are thirsty and hungry and you know that you have to get out of that house if you hope to survive.

When she comes home she has her daughter and you feel a little safer knowing she won't actively look for you if her daughter is around. You stay hidden and hope for the best when you hear the doorbell ring. Hayley answers it and you hear a girl's voice, "Hi Mrs. Coppin. I'm here !", she says in a cheery tone.

Haley seems a bit flustered. "Oh I'm sorry Grace. I forgot I to call you. I was suppose to go out tonight but plans got changed and I don't need you now. I''m so sorry. Let me get my purse and at least give you something for your trouble,", Hayley says as she goes back to the bedroom to find her purse.

"No problem", says this new girl who sits down on the same sofa you are hiding on and drops down a large bag. All you see is her feet in white sandals and that wonderful bag on the floor and you realize your prayer have been answered and you have an escape. You run up to the bag and climb in a side pocket just as Haley comes back and Grace stands up lifting her bag off the ground. You feel relief as she says good bye to Hayley and you are carried to freedom.

Grace gets in her car and you stay hidden hoping for the best as she drives off. She takes the bag in the house and you carefully survey the situation to see what is gong on before making your next move. You realize Grace is a single 22 year old who by day is a receptionist at Hayley's husband business and babysitting as a favor for them. You wonder if you should reveal yourself to her or stay hidden and live off whatever scraps you can find in the meantime.

Your choices:

  1. Reveal yourself to Grace
  2. Stay hidden and try to survive in her apartment

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