Hayley Returns at Night

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By: northgate

Hayley returns and is wearing a skimpy baby doll lingerie, She looks at you and without a word pulls off the tape that is holding you to the counter and you let out a cry. "Oh what a little baby.", she says mockingly, "a little tape hurt you. I can do far worse. Now I'm ready for my apology and it better be good if you want to get back on my good side."

She picks you up and sets you down on the bathroom floor by her foot. You don't want any more perfume in the face so you drop to your hands and knees and say, "I'm sorry, Hayley. I don't appreciate what you are doing for me getting me away from those horrible girls. Plkease forgive me." You stop and look up at her towering over you.

"That's it?", she asks, "Not much but not a bad start but I at least expected you tell me how beautiful I am and grovel more and ask to kiss my toes." She bends down and picks you up between her fingers. "I think you need tonight to thing about a proper apology. Now I'm going to leave you here to think about it. Now lift your hands over your head."

You do as she commands you and you see her pick up I narrow glass tube not much wider than you are and slide it over you. With a cruel smile she slowly rotates the tube until you are essentially trapped in the bottom of the tube on your head in a handstand position. "Pleasant dreams", she tells you as she sets the tube in a stand that holds her various make-up supplies. She leaves the bathroom and shuts off the light leaving you in the dark in misery.

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  1. Hayley Returns in the Morning

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