Don't Cooperate with Hayley

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By: northgate

When she comes home at night she comes up to the vase and tips it so you coming tumbling out on to the top of her dresser. Smiling down at you as you struggle to get your bearings and stand up she asks, "So what fun games did you come up with for us to play tonight?"

"Nothing", you tell her as you stand back up, "I am sick of your treating me like a toy that you can do what ever you want to. I'm a man and I demand you stop this and start helping me out."

"Ohhhh, my little man is all mad and is demanding I do what he says.", she replies, "Well maybe you forgot a few things. Let me remind you" She picks you up between her fingers and lets you fall to the shag carpet below. You recover and try to stand up but her flip flop comes by and knocks you on to your back. "This is my house and I am in charge here. You are my little toy and have no rights and don't tell me what I should do." She slips her foot out of the flip flop and shoves her big toe in your face. "You are so puny I could crush you with my one toe but that would be too easy. I paid for you and you are mine and you'll do what I say." She moves her foot so her toe is pressing on your left foot. "Now do you understand? Are you going to apologize or should I crush your foot to prove my point. You can still be my toy with one less foot. It just means you can't run away from me. Hmmmm, that's not such a bad idea....", she tells you increasing the pressure on your foot.

"No no, please don't do that. I'm sorry for what I said. I'll do whatever you want", you tell her not wanting to get your foot crushed. Clearly this tactic isn't going to work and you need to come up with a new plan.

She picks you up off the floor and holds you up to her face. "That was barely an apology. I think you need a punishment to remind you who the boss is in this house." She carries you into the bathroom and looks around for an idea. "I know what we will do", she tells you and she pushes you down on the counter and uses medical tape to restrain you by taping your body down on the counter. She tapes your arms down to your side and you watch as she takes a perfume bottle from the bathroom closet. "This perfume was a gift from my best friend and I love but my husband hates it and says it makes him sneeze and his skin feels itchy. Let see what you think.", she tells you as she sprays it directly in your face catching you by surprise.

You start coughing and gagging and yell out, "He's right. It terrible." Your eyes are burning and you want to wipe them but your arms are tied down as hard as you try to break free.

"Maybe you didn't have enough yet", she laughs as she gives you three more sprays before putting a little on herself. You can barely breath but she just walks out leaving you suffering in the dark bathroom.

It's hours before she returns and when she does...

Your choices:

  1. she decides it's time for more punishiment
  2. she's horny for her little man

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