Shower with Hayley

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By: northgate

She takes you into the bathroom and sets you on the sink while she starts her shower and adjusts the temperature. You're not sure of her plan but she grabs you up and takes you into the shower with her. She drenches herself and you with hot water. She looks down at you and says, "I am so big I must be like a goddess to you." She sets you down on the tiled shower floor by her feet. "There now you can gaze upon your goddess.", she laughs as she starts to wash her hair. Soapy water cascades all over you from her body and you retreat to a corner to avoid the bulk of the water or being stepped on by her as she turns in the shower.

She splashes some water at you and says, "Is your goddess' shower too much for the little bitty man?" She uses her bare foot to push you toward the center of the shower. You get knocked off your feet and you try to scamper away from the drain but she keeps moving you with her foot like a game. She laughs at you, "My poor little man can't fight off my dainty foot. Let me help you."

You watch helplessly as she bends down and snatches you up in her hand and up to her face. "I think you can help me get clean",m she says with a smile as she soaps you up from head to toe. "You can help wash my pretty pussy", she says as she lowers you to her snatch and inserts you in stroking you in and out. "Mmmmm, that feels so good", she purrs as she continues to use you to pleasure herself.

When she finished she places you on a wire rack that holds other shower items. You grab the bars of the rack to keep from tumbling off to the hard tile floor below but she doesn't seem the least bit concerned as she shuts off the water and gets out of the shower to towel off leaving you behind. She eventually comes back dressed in a fuzzy robe a retrieves you. "Sorry, but you are too irresistible and feel so good down there. It's been a while since I had someone take care of my needs and you are perfect for the job." She towels you off and leaves you on the side of the sink while she goes off to dress. She comes back for you and takes you into her room where she deposits you back in the vase. "I have to drop Victoria off at day care and then get to work but I'll be thinking about all the games we can play later tonight", she tells you, "and I want you to do the same. Think of a good game we can play." She sets you on the down trapped in the vase and leaves to take care of her daughter. You sit there miserable at your situation. This woman is gorgeous and adores you but you can't spend the rest of your life as her sex toy. You need to escape and get help. You try to plan out an escape.

When she returns, you

Your choices:

  1. play sick
  2. decide not to cooperate with her

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