Morning with Hayley

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By: northgate

You are awakened by Hayley opening the box you are trapped in and you realize it is morning. She removed you from her panties and tosses them in a hamper before carrying you to the bathroom where she washes in the sink and dries you off with a hand towel. You notice she is naked and looks smoking hot for her age. "You did good last night", she tells you as she carries you back to the bed, "But I still want more from you."

She lies on her back propped up with pillows and drops you on her stomach. You try to stand up but the surface of her belly is to soft and you tumble down. She laughs at your efforts and the vibration of her giggles send you tumbling down between her legs and facing her massive pussy. "Kisses and hugs", she tells you pointing at her womanhood. Do I good job and I'll give you breakfast"

You know there is no hope in resisting her and she is pretty hot so you go to work fondling her clitoris with your hands and rubbing up against her. "Oh yeah", she moans as she rocks up and down dragging you with her. She is soaking wet but she isn't close to finished as she gabs you up and stuffs you head first into herself stroking you in and out slowly at first but gather speed with each stoke. She is going so fast you panic and think you'll suffocate or she break you in two but you are out of control as she continues to use you like a dildo.

When she is finally done she extracts you and immediately slams your face back into her clit still rubbing you up against it. "Lick it up, lick it all up", she orders you. She gives you a squeeze to know she means business and you comply not wanting to anger her. "Good boy, lots of yummy breakfast in there for you", she laughs. She keeps her hand behind you and whenever you slow down she gives you a poke, "Keeping going, I want to get my money's worth out of you."

When she is finally satisfied you collapse on the bed between her thighs exhausted and out of breath with the taste and smell of her pussy everywhere as she lies back soaking in the afterglow. Once you have your strength you try to escape from her by walking down the bed between her legs hoping to climb down to the floor. As you pass her foot and see the covers draped over the side where you can climb down, her foot turns and blocks your way. You look back and she she watching you. Before you can reacts she spreads her first and second toes and grabs you around the waist. You struggle but can't get loose as she raises her foot up and crosses it over her other leg which is bend keeping you suspended high over the bed, "Naughty little toy", she says, "You're not allowed to wander off. I think you need to ...

Your choices:

  1. come take a shower with me.
  2. be punished for running off.

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