Hayley Returns

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By: northgate

You sit in the flower vase trapped for hours until you hear some noise and eventually Hayley enters the bathroom to retrieve you. "My daughter's gone to bed so it just you and me now", she tells you as she picks up the vase and tilts it sending you tumbling down into her awaiting palm, She closes her hand around you and you are trapped in her hot fist and carries you back to the bedroom. You can see she has changed into a very sexy see through sliky white babydoll lingerie with a tiny thong on underneath.

"I hope you're ready to play because I sure am", she tells you as she goes over to the bed with you still in her hand. She puts you on a pillow and models the lingerie for you. "Do you like this?", she asks seductively. "Yes Mistress", you respond not sure what else you could or should say.

She gets on the bed on all fours towering over you, she smiles at you and says, "I haven't had sex in two weeks. You have no idea how horny I am right now. I would never think of cheating on my husband but with you it's different. It's like I playing with a sex toy not another man." She bends down and envelopes you in a wet hot kiss. She pulls back and sees you tiny erection. "That's so precious", she laughs, "I'm glad I get you excited."

She sits up and pulls the lingerie off leaving only the thong on. She throws it aside and plays with her tits in front of you. "These might be a good place to start." and she slowly lowers herself so her nipple in in your face. You put your hands up defensively as if that could stop the onslaught on a massive tit crushing you but she stops short of that and you begin to kiss her nipple over and over and you hear her say, "good boy" as she shifts and gives you her other nipple to kiss.

She picks you up and rolls over on her back dropping you between her breasts. They are still big but not as overwhelming as when they were over you. She takes her hands and pushes her breasts together encasing you in her flesh. You struggle thinking you'll suffocate but it is hopeless until she releases you and you try to catch you breath.

"Are my hugs too much for you", she laughs as she picks you up between her fingers again but this time you start to worry as she lowers you to her nether regions. "It's time for you to earn your keep, tiny", she tells you as she uses her free hand to pull at the top of her waistband and she lowers you inside her thong and presses you against her already wet pussy. She pulls her hand out leaving you inside her thong and says, "You better do a good job down there or I'll find another use for you that won't be as pleasant as this."

You don't need to be told twice and use you arm to reach up inside her and stroke her sensitive spots. You can feel the effect on her as she writhes around in the bed and her hand comes down on the outside of the thong pressing on you and rubbing you against herself. You get totally soaked in her fluids as she climaxes multiple times until she in finally satisfied. She lies there for a while and her fluids start to dry leaving you a sticky mess. After lying for a while and soaking in the afterglow of your treatment, she gets up and retrieves a long night shirt that she puts on leaving you in her thong in the meantime. Once she has the nightshirt on she peals the throng off with you in it and rolls it so you are trapped inside it.

"I want you to lie in my smell all night so you learn to love it", she tells you are she takes and empty box and put you and the thong in it and closes the lid. "Sleep well tiny, we'll have more fun tomorrow", she gets you and she puts the box on her dresser and put a book on top of it just in case you are thinking of escaping.

Your choices:

  1. The next morning with Hayley

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