Hayley drinks You neat

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By: northgate

"Neat", you tell her not sure what she means and hoping for the best. ALso, you don't fancy getting in a glass with ice cubes.

"Excellent", she says, "That's my preference too". Her fingers descend on you and grab you up swiftly depositing you in the glass. You are standing in the glass trying to steady yourself. You are slightly taller than the3 inside of the glass. She sets it down on the table and opens the decanter. She looks down at you and smiles as her fingers descend on you again knocking you down so you are lying on your back in the bottom of the glass. "Much better", she says as you watch her pour the brandy over you. It hits you in the eyes and stings temporarily blinding you.

"Stop it", you yell but she ignores you continuing to pour until you are sitting in what seems to be about two feet of brandy to you. She gives the glass a swirl sending you flying around the inside of the glass. You still can't see but you can imagine she is enjoying this game with you. "This is my husband's favorite brandy", she tells you, "Very expensive and I'm hoping you'll improve the taste."

You can feel her breath in the glass as you can imagine the glass is close to her face, "Please stop", you tell her as you try to stand up, "The brandy is burning my eyes". "You poor baby", she replies, "Let me help you." You are now standing but suddenly she tilts the glass and your world goes sideways. Liquor comes sloshing up pass you and you start to slide and you feel something all around you.

Her lips lock down around your chest and as the brandy passes by coating you again. Her tongue comes up and starts to lick your head and upper body lick a brandy soaked lollipop. She holds you in place between her lips as she takes several more sips before she releases you and and you fall back into what i s now just a puddle of brandy.

"Not bad but you could have tasted better", she comments as she carries the glass over to the sink where she rinses it out with you still in it which cleans you off in the process. The cool water feels good after being in her mouth. "That fun, huh?", she asks you and continues without waiting for an answer. "How about tomorrow, you can be in my vodka martini. Maybe I can put you on my swizzle stick instead of three olives!".

She leaves the glass in the sink but plucks you out. "Well now that we are all properly acquainted, I think it's time for some more intimate fun. How about ...", but she is uninterrupted by her cell phone ringing. You can hear her talking but you aren't sure what it is about until she hangs up. "Darn it", she says, "I guess our fun will have to wait until later tonight. I have to pick up my daughter from her friend's house." She takes a tall flower vase out of a cabinet and carries both you and it into her bedroom.

"Wait a minute, you have a husband and daughter? Maybe I should stay here.", you tell her trying to avoid any further trouble.

"Don't you worry your little head", she says with a laugh. "My husband is working in China for the next four weeks and my daughter is 12 and she doesn't need to know about you. You'll have to be my little secret and you'll have to stay where I put you ... unless you want her finding out about you. Trust me when I tell you that would be most unpleasant." She drops you in the vase and you slide down to the bottom. It is at least twice you height so there is no way you are getting out. She sets the vase on her master bathroom sink and leaves to get dressed to pick up her daughter.

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  1. She comes back four hours later

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