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By: northgate

You get shoved in Kyra's back pocket as they leave the mall to find Mrs. Coppin. Fortunately her house was walking distance from the mall so although you were uncomfortable you weren't getting crushed in a bus seat. They arrive at the house and ring the doorbell. You listen to the conversation from inside her pocket. The girls both say in unison, "Hello Mrs. Coppin".

"Well hello girls", you here in reply, "What are you doing here in the neighborhood? Come on in." They enter the house and follow her into the kitchen. "You girls want a drink or something."

"No thanks", Kira says, "We came by because we have something we thought you might be interested in. It's very unique, maybe even one of a kind and we need to sell it. Given it's uniqueness we thought it was something you might like."

"Very interesting and mysterious girls.", Mrs. Coppin says, "You certainly have my interest piqued. Why don't you sit down and tell me more." and motions for them to sit at her kitchen table.

Kyra reaches back and slips you out of her pocket as they sit down. "We can do better than just tell you about it", she says, "We can show it to you." She lifts her hand up to the table and drops you onto the table top. As soon as you hit the table you get up and start to run but Kyra knocks you down and pins you to the table with her index finger. "He gets a bit nervous around new people but he's easy to control."

"He's fantastic", says Mrs. Coppin, "May I have a closer look?"

"Sure", says Kyra as she releases you from her finger and she picks you up and deposits you in Mrs. Coppin's awaiting palm. Her fingers close it on you and she examines you closer. "Well he's a little cutie.", she says, "How did you get so small", she asks you and then looking up at the girls, "He does talk?" She has a distinctly British accent and you can see she is probably in her early thirties with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes.

"Yes, I talk.", you says, "and I'd appreciate if you tell these girls I don't appreciate the way they were treating me. They stole me..."

"Slow down, little fellow", she says cutting you off. She lowers you back down to the table and turns her attention to the girls. "How much?:, she asks.

"Five thousand", Kira replies without hesitation. You can't believe she has the nerve to ask that kind of money from this woman.

She releases you from her grip and says, "Deal. Here watch him while I get my checkbook" and she gets up and leaves the room.

Kira picks you up and says "Bye bye, little man. I hope you'll enjoy being her sex toy" and they both laugh at the joke.

Mrs. Coppin returns and writes out a check for the girls and Kira takes the check and hands you back to her. The girls say their good-byes and they are gone within a few moments.

She carries you back into her living room and takes a tall glass down from the cupboard and drops you in. "That will keep you fropm running off for now", she tells you.

"Mrs. Coppin...", you start to say hoping to appeal to her and perhaps help you although you are not sure what you would ask for even if she did agree to help.

She cuts you off again. "Please, my name is Hayley but you shall refer to me as Mistress from now on. It will be move appropriate given the situation." She sets the glass with you in it on the counter and turns to leave the room. "Now rest up", she tells you as she leaves, "You'll need your energy later." and she lets out a little laugh as she leaves.

Your choices:

  1. Hayley Returns

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