Refuse any Massages

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By: northgate

You look back at both of them already pissed off of their careless treatment of you and don't plan to give these spoiled brats anything. "No! That doesn't sound yummy. I won't be massaging anything for you. You need to take me back to Dana right now.", you tell them.

They both stop smiling and get seriously looks almost simultaneously on queue. "Well aren't you a Mr. Cranky-pant", Kira tells you, "We were just playing around and then we were going to give you back but if you don't want to cooperate them maybe we won't either. Maybe we'll just take you over to the toy store and give you to some bratty kid."

"Yeah", her sister chimes in, "How about we take him to Chloe's a sell him to the highest bidder. I bet we could get some good shopping money for him."

"I like that", Kira answers squeezing you tighter so you can't get a word out. "Hey, What about Mrs. Coppin? Remember the time I babysat for her kid and we found all those sex toys in her bedroom. She's got some really big money driving that Porsche and all. I bet she would love a little man for a toy. Maybe we should go pay her a visit."

"Wow, so many ideas.", Kyra replies, "and they're all so much better than taking him back to Dana. For all she knows he ran off or was taken away by a hawk of something. I'm sure she'll get over him in a day just like all her past boyfriends. I think we should ...."

Your choices:

  1. put him away until we get to Chloe's and then sell him
  2. go see Mrs. Coppin right now!

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