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By: superfan

" I've always wanted a man in my back pocket! "

And, before you can protest, you find yourself being snatched up in Kyla's right hand, and stuffed in the right rear pocket of her dungaree skirt!! Furthermore, all the way to the bus stop, it proves a bumpy ride. As, with every step she takes, you bounce back and forth against the side of the pocket separating you from her right butt check.

But, that's nothing compared to when these twin titanesses board the bus. Because, when they sit down, Kyla doesn't even bother to take you out!!!

Mercifully, the pressure exerted by her butt cheek, crushing you against the vinyl seat, makes you pass out. As a result, you consider it a miracle when you wake up, completely disoriented. That is; until you hear some muted thunder in the form of synchronized giggling. You look up; spot the twins; and it all comes flashing back to you.

"Welcome to the land of the living, little guy," says Kira, with a smile.

"Yeah," adds Kyla: "It's time you earned your keep."

"W-W-What are you talking about?" you stammer.

"We're going to try on several pairs of high heels," Kyla explains: "And, in between each 'modeling,' we want you to massage our feet!"

"Doesn't that sound, yummy?" Kira asks.

Your choices:

  1. You enthusiastically agree.
  2. You flat out refuse.

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