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By: superfan

"Yes!" Kira exults: "She's still sawing wood."

"Then, let's get upstairs and get dressed, while the getting's good," replies Kyla.

When they reach their bedroom, they immediately strip off their matching wet bikinis and dry each other off with terry-cloth towels. You, they dry off with a two-second burst from their blow dryer!

When you can see again, they are both dressed in brown leather jackests over zebra-striped tank tops; blue denim mini-skirts; and cowboy boots.

"Now, how should we do this?" asks Kira: "Do we transport him in my purse? Or, do you want to stuff him in your back pocket?"

And, Kyla says:

Your choices:

  1. "Stash him in your purse."
  2. "I've always wanted a man in my back pocket!"

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