Dana's Twin Sisters

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By: northgate

You awaken to the feeling of being watched and your suspicions are correct as you see two identical twin teenagers towering over you while Dana continues to sleep away on the chaise lounge, You get up to run but one of these girls swiftly reaches down and snatches you up from the chaise and carries you off to the opposite side of the pool where she drops you on a glass top patio table with an umbrella overhead and she and her sister sit down in chars in front of you.

You get up to run not even knowing where you are going to go but the other sister's hand comes up and you slam into it falling over. They both giggle at you as you try to get up again but she pins you down with her index finger. "Slow down, little fella.", one of then says and you relax for a moment, "We're Dana's sister and we just saw you lying there with her and we wanted to talk to you." I'm Kira and this is my sister Kyla. So what is your story?", she asks releasing you from her finger.

You look at these two girls and they are identical and wearing matching white bikinis. They are probably a couple of years younger than Dana and probably trouble for you. "I'm a friend of Dana's. She is helping me."

"You didn't answer my sister's question. That's rude", Kyla tells you taping her finger on the table right next to you. "Now why are you so small and how did she get you?"

"I was in a lab accident", you tell her deciding to use that story with these girls rather than getting into all the details. "I was found by this girl who took me to a sorority house but Dana rescued me from there.", you tell them hoping that story will suffice.

"Oh, the KAT house where Dana is pledging.", Kira says, "Those girls are all skanks. I don't know why she wants to join that place. Ugh!"

You nod in agreement hoping these girls are OK. "So how about you take me back to Dana before she wakes up and wonders what happened to me.", you tell them.

"I don't know", Kira says, "She doesn't like us to wake her up. Anyway we're all family. You can hang out with us for a while. We were going to go in the pool and you can join us." "Yeah", Kyla joins in, "You look hot. I bet you could use a cool off." Before you can respond, she grabs you up again and carries you to the edge of the pool. "In you go", she laughs tossing you into the water.

You fly through the air thinking you're going to die and a moment later you hit the water and you swim up to the surface where you see them watching you from above. "I guess you can swim", Kira tells you. You start to protest but she continues saying "Last one in is a rotten egg" and you watch in horror as they both jump in on each side of you.

The initial fall was nothing compared to this as you are driven underwater and are totally disoriented. You swim to what you think is the surface as fast as you can but as you finally make it you bump into a wall. It isn't hard but it is white and has some give. You wipe you eyes and realize you just swam into one of the girls bathing suit tops. She is standing up in the water and you realize this probably is no more than four feet deep.

Suddenly you are scooped out of the water and you find yourself dangling in the air by your legs by this girl. "Hey Kira, the little twerp tried to cop a feel off me.", you hear her say.

"No I was trying to get back to the surface. Sorry I bumped into you. No offense intended", you tell her as you continue to dangle in front of her face.

"Yeah, that exactly what the creeps in school say when they rub up against me. You're no different", she responds. She turns her attention to her sister a few feet away. "Hey Kira, you go for the pervs. You take him". Without warning she flings you in the direction of her sister hitting her in the breast and you go bouncing off back into the water. She scoops you up and deposits you in her bikini between her breasts as she swims over to her sister practically drowning you in the process.

She stands back up bringing you above the water and you are coughing to get the water our of your lungs. "Nice place to but him, sis", Kyla tells her sister. "You know I was thinking we should get out of here with him before Dana wakes up. We can get changed and hit the mall and then later go straight over to Chloe's house. You know the girls would just love him."

"Great idea, sis", Kira replies, "Let's get out of here right now."

You've had enough and say, "Wait a minute. I'm not leaving this house. I demand you take me back over to Dana right now."

"Shut up", they both say and Kira ducks back down into the water submerging you. "Now behave or I'll loeave you under under you pass out", you hear her say from above followed by, "Come on, let's go."

They head for the ladder and Kira goes up first with you still tucked in her bikini top coughing and sputtering and as she climbs the ladder, she sees.....

Your choices:

  1. Dana standing there watching her
  2. Dana is still fast asleep

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