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By: northgate

Th e fresh air revives you as Dana frees you from her smelly socks and drops you on her bed in front of her. She is still wearing her pajamas and she towers over you. "Do you have something to tell me or do I take you back to Cassandra?", she asks.

You don't need a second to think about it and you know you better lay it on thick. You drop to your knees and bow down before her gigantic body. "Oh, I am so sorry I ever implied anything negative about you. You are wonderful and kind for helping me escape the sorority house. Please forgive me. I'll do anything."

She scoops you up so you are on your back in the palm of her hand. "oh I knew you weren't a mean person. You're such a cutie. Of course I forgive you", she says as she plants a big kiss across your face. "We are going to have so much fun together" and she kisses you again and again. "I have the whole day free for us to play together today. Isn't that great?

She gets up from the bed and prances around before turning her attention back to you. "Know 0one is home now so we can have some private time in the pool this morning. How do you like that?", she asks but without waiting for your response she continue, "Well I have to change and you aren't allowed to see anything.... at least not yet." She laughs and drops a comforter on time of you burying under the covers while she changes into a bikini for the pool.

When she is done she frees you from the blankets and carries you into the kitchen where she puts you on the table while she gets herself a bowl of cereal. She sits down in front of you and holds out a frosted flake for you to eat but before you can get it, she lifts it over your head waving it just above you. "Come and get it", she laughs, "i want to see my little monkey jump", she laughs. You are hungry and at this point any self respect you had is gone so you jump as she commands and she keeps the game going by keeping it out of your reach until she thinks you worked enough and you are rewarded with the soggy flake. "Good monkey", she tells you as you chew on your well deserved breakfast.

Once breakfast is done, she cleans up and then take you out to a chaise by an in ground pool. She takes a bottle of suntan lotion and slathers it all over you completely covering you in the thick lotion. "I can't have my little man getting burned" she says as she finishes and deposits you on the chaise between her thighs as she applies the lotion to her own body.

You sit there for a moment looking around. The backyard or at least what you can 0see between her thighs seems nice enough with a high privacy fence around the area. She finishes and lies back to read a magazine and then you notice it. Her tiny bikini bottom right in front of you. A very tempting target for you and you are very tempted to go up to it and rub against with your body. You want to do it to prove you are still a man and not just her toy. You think for a moment and decide to ....

Your choices:

  1. Go for it !
  2. Sit back and get some rest in the sun.

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