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By: northgate

You figure anything is better than being tortured in this sorority house so you agree. She grabs you up and gives you a big hug. "We are going to have so much fun together. You'll be my perfect little toy." You start to thin k this is a mistake but she doesn't wait for your response and stuffs you under her shirt and between her breasts held in place under her bra strap. "Now you just keep quiet in there little guy and we'll have no problem getting out of here."

You go along with her plan and sure enough she walks right out with you and back cross town to her family's place where she extracts you from her chest and drops you on a pillow at the head of her bed. She kicks off her shoes and flops down on the bed sending you flying up in the air but you land back on the pillow. She is lying on her stomach propping herself up on an arm and smiling down at you with a goofy grin. "You are so cute, I can't stand it", she tells you and she swoops in to give you a big wet kiss followed by another and another. "You are so cute", she tells you, "and all naked and helpless. I just love having you." She grabs you up and rolls onto her back on the bed and dangles you over her head. "I'm going to keep you forever." She lowers you down and kisses and licks you over and over practically rapoing you with her tongue.

You struggle in her grip but she just giggles at your attempts. "You are so helpless. You can't even get out of a girl's hand. Don't worry though, I'll protect you, little guy." She laughs at her own joke and then starts kissing you again. She finally stops and sits up lowering you down and saying, "You taste so good I may have to try covering you in honey and licking you clean. What do you think of that?"

You hesitate and then realize she is finally pausing to let you respond. "Yeah, can we not do the licking. It's a little weird.", you tell her.

She stops smiling and looks right at you. "Are you calling me weird for kissing you with a little tongue action?". she asks you.

"no, It was just strange and uncomfortable for me.", you reply.

"So I'm not weird just strange and I make you uncomfortable. Well maybe I should show you what I think is uncomfortable so you can learn how wonderful my kisses are. She uses her free hand to pull off a sweat sock off her foot and hold you over the opening. "Welcome to uncomfortable", she says as she drops you into her smelly sock and then proceeds to wrap her other sock to around the first trapping you inside. Next she takes the socks with you still inside and stuffs them in her sneaker. "Have a nice night, Mister Cranky Pants. I'll see you in the morning for my apology.", she tells you as she leaves the room.

Your choices:

  1. You're trapped. Wait till she takes you back out

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