Trapped with Cassandra

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By: northgate

Cassandra wakes you in the morning and releases you from the bag. In your joy she brought you a small medicine cup full of water and a piece of a bagel and butter that she must have eaten for breakfast. She watches you eat and and asks, Sleep well?"

"Not really", you tell her, "After all I was in a bag in a hard drawer. Not very comfortable."

"Well then today may be your lucky day, tiny. How would you like to sleep in comfort tonight, maybe on a silk bed. I can arrange that for you. You just need to do me one little favor.", she tells you.

"That sounds good too me. What is the favor", you ask her.

"Well I have classes today. In fact they are back to back to back lectures. They are so boring. I need something to make me happy and that's where you come in. Let me show you", she says. She steps back and you watch as she lowers her shorts and reveals a thin gold chain riding on her hips with the front tucked in her panties. Slowly she pulls on the chain and reveals she had a gold hoop at the bottom tucked away. "Can you guess what this is for?", she asks you.

You're not sure at this point but you know the answer isn't going to be good and you slowly nod you head side to side not sure what to say.

"Let me show you, tiny.", she answers. Before you can react her hand grabs you up and inserts you through the gold hoop which fits snugly around your chest and under your arms leaving you dangling like it was a life preserver. She lowers you down and leaving you hanging helplessly suspended in front of her panties. She walks over to a full length mirror and admired what she has done. You are facing her but you look over your shoulder for a moment and see yourself, naked and hanging like an accessory for her outfit.

"Won't people see me dangling here", you ask her. "This doesn't seem like a good idea"

"Oh, it is an awesome idea, my little slave. You just don't get it. Allow me to finish", she tells you are her hands descend again and you watch as she pulls on the elastic band of the panties with one hand while her other hand grabs you up and drops you inside the panties sending right up against her pussy. She finishes my pulling her shorts back up effectively locking you in place against her womanhood and you immediately feel her warmth. "Now my little one. If I tell you or tap you once, I expect you to get to work with your hands and mouth to satisfy me.", she tells you, "Two taps of I will tell you if I want you to stop. If I don't tell you to stop then you better keep working. The better a job you do the better I will reward you. If you don't do a good job, then that bag and drawer will have felt like a luxury." She gets her backpack and books together and prepares to leave with you trapped where she wants you. "I could hear you even if I wanted to so I'll assume you don't have any questions. Good luck. Each of my lectures in 90 minutes long but I do have an hour for lunch after the second one. I might even take you out for a break at lunch if you are really good."

She leaves for a walk across campus to her first class and you regret ever making wishes with a genie. Once she gets settled in the lecture hall you hear her quietly say, "Get to it" and gives you a tap on the back. You decide to ...

Your choices:

  1. Obey her
  2. Ignore her

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