Stacey Takes you to Pledge Night

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By: northgate

"Cool idea", Stacey says as she grabs you up and unties you as you try to talk your way out of this. "Debbie will be home soon", she'll be wondering what happened to me", you tell them but they ignore you and chatter on about how cool tonight will be. Stacey drops you in the side pocket of a small backpack and zips it shut trapping you inside as they make the trip to the KAT House.

You know this can only be a bad idea and you think back at your time in the harem and this could be worse. "Will I ever make it back to Debbie", you think as they carry you into the sorority house or did you make a big mistake. You are in the pocket for sometime after they arrive and you start to think you may be in the clear when you hear Stacey say, "Mistress Cassandra, I brought something very unusual for you to see tonight" and you hear the zipper opening. You try to avoid her hand but you are no match as Stacey grabs you and pulls you out exposing your naked body to Cassandra and a gaggle of other pledges.

"What the ....?", Cassandra says staring down at you. She has jet black hair and bright green eye and a wicked smile. "He's real", Stacey tells her giving you a poke to get you to jump in her palm, "He just tiny." A tiny little pathetic man that will do whatever we want."

Cassandra lifts you from Stacey's palm and examines you for a moment before turning her attention back to Stacey. "As of today, you are promoted captain of the pledge class. Take your fellow pledges to clean the kitchen.", she tells her before turning back to the full group, "And no one must speak of this to anyone or I'll personally cut your tongue out. I',m going to take our little guest up to meet the upperclassmen while you are working."

Cassandra closes a tight fist around your body and carries you upstairs but she isn't going to introduce you to anyone else. She enters her own room instead and locks the door. She drops you on the bed and stands towering over you. You guess she is only about 21 or 22 but you cower and the way she looks down at you with that same smile. "I think we should have some play time together", she tells you as she drops her shorts exposing a pair of white cotton briefs.

"Listen, I am Stacey's older sister's boyfriend and she kidnapped and brought me here. I can give you her cell number. Call her and ask. She'll come pick me up.", you tell her hoping to get out of this situation.

She only looks annoyed by your comment and she lifts her leg and places her foot on the bed beside you. "Shut up", she scolds you, "I don't want to hear that shit. Now get on your hands and knees and kiss me or I'll stomp you with my foot right now."

You know she means it and you scamper over and kiss her foot over and over until she is satisfied. She puts her foot back down and says, "That's better. Trust when I tell you that you don't want to piss me off. Now we are going to have playtime and if you do I good job I might decide to help you out but if you don't I may decide to let the pledges have some fun with you. What do you think seven freshman girls would do to you." Her smiles returns as she drops her panties exposing herself to you. She is shaven down below except for a jet black trimmed landing strip. She strokes the landing strip and says, "Nice, huh?" as she climbs in the bed next to you. She scoops you up and wastes no time rubbing you gently over her pussy and purring.

"I like guys going down on me", she tells you, "and remember, do I good job with that little tongue of yours or you may find yourself using to lick my pledges sweaty feet clean" You know you have no choice or escape and get to work using your hands to massage her and probe inside as deeply as you can. "Didn't I say tongue", she roars and gives you a poke and you immediately respond laps up her already moist pussy. "Deeper", she orders and you try to use your arms to spread her open to get better access but this is difficult at your side.

After a while of trying you hear Cassandra say, "Let me help you and her fingers descend upon you and shove you head first into her depths. She pumps you in and out over and over until she orgasms and lies back basking in the afterglow as you slowly work your way out of her. Exhausted you collapse on the bed against her thigh. You lie there for a while until there is a knock at the door and a voice you recognize as Stacey says, "Mistress Cassandra, excuse me but we have finished the kitchen."

Cassandra stands up and picks you up encircling you with her thumb and index finger around the chest and carries you dangling from her hand to answer the door still without and pants on. She opens the door and even Stacey looks a bit surprised. "you can tell the girls that they can hang out or leave. They are done their chores for the night but first I need you to clean up this little one and bring him back to me. He and I aren't done getting acquainted.", she says as she releases you into Stacey's palm. Stacey looks down at you but without a word carries your tiny body to a single bathroom that she enters and locks the door behind her. She puts you on the side of the sink as she adjusts the sink water temperature. She rinses the hand off that was carrying you and says, "Man looks like she had her way with you."

"She used me as her frickin' dildo", you eek you just before she rinses you off under the strong water. "You got to get me out of here and back to Debbie", you tell her. She laughs at the idea, "Why would I do that?", she says, "I became the pledge captain tonight and the pledges only one job to do. You're making my life easier. You'll just have to learn to be Cassandra's pet." She finishes washing you and uses a small towel to dry you off. "There you go, all nice and clean and ready for your next dive." she tells you as she picks you up to carry you back to Cassandra. "What are you going to tell Debbie happened to me", you ask desperate that she will reconsider and help you escape. "I won't tell her anything.", she responds as she carries you back, "She'll just think you left.... again."

She takes you back into Cassandra's room and you are relieved to see she has her pants on. Cassandra takes you from Stacey and drops you into a tall drinking glass trapping you inside. She holds the glass up between her face and Stacey's and they smile at you. "You did a good job bring me this little toy. I'll train him and you got a nice promotion. Keep this up and someday you'll probably be the chapter president. You're dismissed and just remember to keep your fellow pledges mouths shut about this.", Cassandra tells Stacey.

Stacey mouths you a kiss goodbye and she is gone leaving you with this horny monster of a girl. She sets the glass down on her nightstand and says, "I need to take care of some business. Now you be a good little boy and hang out here until bedtime.", she tells you as she turns to leave the room shutting off the light and leaving you in darkness.

You are stuck standing in this stupid glass reduced to no more than a sex toy for a stupid sorority girl who has total control over you which makes you steam buty there is nothing you can do but wait. You can see a clock nearby and almost two hours pass before the door open and the lights come back on and you see it is is.....

Your choices:

  1. Cassandra
  2. Stacey's friend and fellow pledge Dana

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