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By: superfan

"Stacey!" exclaims this dark-haired (and slightly more buxom) girl, who comes barging in: "What the frig are you doing? Don't you know what tonight is?"

"Oh, shit!" replies your captress: "I thought that was tomorrow night. I have to babysit this guy for my sister."

"What guy? You mean, that stupid action fig...?"

"I AM NOT AN ACTION FIGURE!" you shout at the top of your lungs: "I'm a shrunken man, and this crazy bee-yotch is torturing mmmmmph!"

Stacey sits up, and clamps her left thumb and forefinger over your entire upside-down head.

The other girl (who you learn a moment later is named Dana) is naturally stunned long enough for Stacey to reassure her that you are for real. Whereupon, Dana's facial expression changes from slack-jawed amazement to inspired glee.

"Hey! Why don't we bring him with us? We could use him to bribe the pledge officers?"

"Pledge officers?" you echo under your breath. And, that's when you finally take notice of the blue T-shirts they're wearing. The ones with white lettering on them. Greek lettering, at that: Kappa Alpha Tau.

These girls belong to the college sorority known as...KAT House!

Your choices:

  1. Debbie comes home in time to prevent this.
  2. Or, not.

Retrieved September 13, 2016