Debbie Gets You from Stacey

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By: northgate

Debbie comes in the room and says, "OK, Stacey. What did you do to Joe. I know you have him."

Stacey casually gives you a push sending you swinging back and forth. "He's a bit tied up right now", she answers without looking up, "Go away sis, we are having fun together. He likes being my toy."

Debbie comes over to the desk and sees you in obvious discomfort. "What did you do to him and why are you such a bitch?"

Debbie unhooks the string and pulls you close hugging you. "Stacey from now on leave him alone", Debbie tells her sister, "He's not your toy." Debbie turns to leave the room and Stacey says, "You can have him back now but I want some time with him too now one. We are becoming such good friends."

Debbie takes you back to her room and places you the bed and lies down next to you untying the strings to free you. "Did she hurt you", she asked. You tell her about what happened and she tells you, "I'll have to keep her away from you." You are relieved to her comments but wonder how she can protect you 24 x 7 from that monster when she does treat you a whole lot better. You wonder if you need to get out of this house and away from these women before they kill you.

She lays you on her pillow and says, "I need to go make dinner tonight for the family. You'll be safe here and I'll bring you back something to eat. You rest and close your eyes as Debbie leaves the room. After dinner Debbie comes back to the room with something for you to eat and watch you smiling as you eat her lasagna with your bare hands and naked body.

"You're a mess", she says as you finish, "looks like you need a bath now. Do you want to take one with me or do you want your own in the sink?"

You tell her ....

Your choices:

  1. Bath time with you, please !
  2. I'd like my own. Thank you.

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